Redskins end playoff run with Griffin vs. Cousins QB controversy


1.  We would have been happy with a .500 finish for the Washington Redskins back in Week 8. The Redskins finished with 10 wins and a division title. It's been a hellava run. Thank you, Redskins.

2.  The 'Skins exceeded our low expectations for them. After spoiling us with a potent, high-scoring offense and the heart to overcome any opponent, losing to the Seahawks at home feels … inexcusable.  There's no logical reason for it. It's just how it feels.

Robert Griffin III injures knee against Seahawks
3.  The season ends with a quarterback controversy
that is really a coaching controversy. Mike Shanahan will be forced to explain all off-season why Kirk Cousins was not handing the ball off to Alfred Morris in the second half. It became obvious to everyone that Robert Griffin III was less mobile and his throwing motion was off.  

Seattle's defense was not biting on Griffin's zone reads. The game plan called for greater reliance on Morris and play action from the pocket. Kirk Cousins could have executed that game plan. The controversy is that he might have performed better than gimpy Griffin.

4.  Will NFL owners still think Kyle Shanahan is a hot head coach prospect when Alfred Morris only gets 16 carries in a close game?

Morris had three attempts in the third quarter, none came when the Redskins were on their own six-yard line when the Shanahan's call for three passes before a punt.

The Seahawks. They know how to use a big back.

5.  Players are not the best judges of their own health. The ethos of football calls for players to play through injury. They will finish a game with torn tendons if allowed to do so. Somebody has to be strong enough to say "no."  I don't know of a coach with stones big enough to pull RGIII from the game. A coach won't be fired for keeping Griffin in a playoff game when Griffin says he is good to go. He might be fired for losing with the back up when the star wants to play.

6.  I made a successful career in sales for the world's largest computer technology company. They held loss reviews when the salesman lost a big order. Executives would fly in to "help you" understand what happened. It was a crucifixion of those on the field by those who were remote. In the end, everything you chose not to do was said to be the reason you failed. The second-guessing was meant to be painful so that you wouldn't lose again. Welcome to my world, coach. I know how they are going to dump on you. Now, explain yourself.

7.  Orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews is quoted in a story on that he did clear RGIII to return to the Ravens game with an injured knee.  Andrews says he never examined the knee during that game and he was a "nervous wreck" over Griffin playing in the Seahawks game.

You should duck, because all hell is about to break loose.

8.  Three words I do not want to hear in the same sentence Monday: Griffin, torn, and tendon.

9.  With the season over for Washington, Mike Shanahan can catch up with his NFC East peers. Tom Coughlin, Jason Garrett and whoever is coaching the Eagles are plotting what to run and who to sign to stop the RGIII offense.

10.  Ravens fans are going to be a pain all week. I'm glad I'm retired.

11. Reed Doughty was a man. He made several key stops and played the best I've ever seen him perform.

12. Now Hog Heaven will study free agents the Redskins should keep, free agents they should target, second-day Draft picks they should scout, and the trade value of Kirk Cousins. I hoped not to do that for another two weeks.

Redskins fall to Seahawks 24-14.

Image: RGIII injures knee against Seahawks, via Google.

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