Hog Heaven Blog’s last rant about the Giants, looks ahead to Steelers

"You play … to win … the game." ~ Herm Edwards Read between the lines of Redskins-Giants game recaps, and you come to this – Robert Griffin III looked good in the loss to the Super Bowl Champs. That's "RGIII looked good," not the Redskins. The world expects the Redskins to finish fourth in the […]

Does the Redskins training staff need to up its game?

  Let me first get off my chest – who's idiotic idea was it to line up Josh Wilson on the line of scrimmage against Victor Cruz with less than 2 minutes less in the game and the game on the line?  As soon as I saw that formation and Mr. Magoo (Mr. Madeiu) fumbling […]

Robert Griffin III brings joy to the hearts of children

Redskins fan's kids celebrate RGIII touchdown pass, only to be crushed a few moments later by a defensive lapse. Still they believe.  Video provided by Owen West.  Enjoy this story? Like it on Facebook and Tweet it to your Followers. Click the buttons below. Leave a comment down there, too.

Michael Lombardi says something nice about the Redskins

"Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has taken his share of criticism in D.C., based on the play of former starters Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman and John Beck. But this year with Robert Griffin III, Shanahan looks like an outstanding coach, with the ability to adapt an offense to the skill set of his premier […]

Redskins a factor in division race, says Ultimate NYG Blog

New York is Washington's oldest NFL rival dating to 1932 when the then Boston Braves earned its first ever win against the New York Football Giants – "Football" Giants to distinguish them from the MLB team with the same name. There was a lot of that back then. The Football Braves split their series against […]

RGIII waving

Just how good are the Washington Redskins?

He's everywhere. He's everywhere. RGIII is everywhere. Robert Griffin III is the consistent candidate for Rookie of the Week/Month/Year, but how about about the Washington Redskins in power polls. Washington already matched the three CBS Sports columnist Steve Prisco predicted for them. And they are way above the 21 average points per game he expected. […]

Jammal Brown’s hip hop, will Redskins dance to his beat?

Recent news reports stated that Washington Redskins RT Jammal Brown had successful surgery on his hip. The problem, he says, was that the ligaments were high up into the socket and that the doctors had no way of knowing that until they actually dug in there to see.  They desperately needed to be pulled out and […]


Vote for Griffin again, and the Bizzaro world without RGIII

  It's become a regular happening. Robert Griffin III has a big game and is nominated for Rookie of the Week. In September alone, he was twice named RoW and won Rookie of the Month of September. Atlanta cut short his appearance in October Week One. So, he (and we) was denied the fourth quarter […]

Robert Griffin III and Redskins defense don’t fold against Vikings

I am making myself wait eight games before calling for the Redskins to extend Robert Griffin III's rookie contract. Lets call this a preview of that announcement. He already deserves it, don't you think? I don't hear or read anyone saying the Redskins gave up too much for him. Do you? RGIII outrushed Adrian Peterson. […]

Last thoughts on Redskins-Vikings before the big win at FedEx Field

Everything I read this morning points to a start by Robert Griffin III for the Redskins against the Vikings today. Lady Doubt is all nag-nag-nag in the back of my head. Concussion is a clean word for traumatic brain injury; that's what a concussion is. Drop the word "concussion," and the sentence reads as Robert […]

Hail to the Nationals. Next year’s a-coming.

  Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright; The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light, And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout; But there is no joy in Mudville – mighty Casey has struck out. ~ Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer Plenty of […]

Despite what you hear, Griffin III vs. Vikings is a mystery

  Robert Griffin III's fantasy owners might want to sit him this weekend. Nothing kills a fantasy team more than starting a stud who does not play in the real game. The Redskins are coy about RGIII's true status, as they should be. No sense helping the Vikings by divulging that. We've heard the positives […]

Talking Vikings @ Redskins with Purple Jesus Blog – what you need to know

  The Redskins face another division fourth-place finisher in the Minnesota Vikings, again. Didn't we see the Vikings last season, and the season before that? When you are a repeat offender as division last place, you face your fellow inmates, like the Vikings and Rams. Both those woebegone teams have given the Redskins fits of […]

Redskins better off with Kai Forbath? Probably not.

Let the truth be told. Billy Cundiff did not lose a single game for the Redskins. Washington would have lost to Atlanta 24-20 if Cundiff made that missed field goal. He kicked the game winner against Tampa Bay after choking on three attempts that made the game much too close. If he made the miss […]

VIDEO: Alfred Morris, the Redskins’ other Rookie of the Year candidate

Worth sharing out there.  A bright spot of another heart-broken season: Do you notice how the redskins are like a row boat with dozens of leaks plugged in?  First, it's special teams punting that's leaking. Then it's the offensive line setting RG3 up a like a pinyata.  Then it's the secondary. Then it's the pass […]

kai forbath(1)

Redskins sign guy off the street to replace Billy Cundiff

Hog Heaven has been a critic of Billy Cundiff since his arrival. Actually, the reservation was about the process that got him here. It seemed too rushed to me. Too-rushed thought processes are flawed thought processes. After rethinking the process, the Redskins signed former UCLA kicker and Lou Groza Award winner Kai Forbath. Washington will […]

Redskins impatiently wait word on Robert Griffin III’s concussion

Mike Shanahan and Kirk Cousins say that Robert Griffin III looks fine after taking that vicious hit from Sean Weatherspoon in Sunday's loss to the Falcons. Indeed, the man himself tweeted his expectation to be ready for Sunday's game against the Vikings. Thank you for all the prayers & supportI'm ok and I think after […]

Kirk Cousins enters game, Redskins lose and world economy collapses

What? You expected a shootout?  The Redskins lost 24-17 in a game that was closer than shown by score, time of possession, or the exaggeration of this headline.  The Falcons held a TOP advantage of 15:02 over the Redskins. That's one quarter of football. Yet, the 'Skins had a shot to tie in the last […]


Redskins – Falcons pregame news, must mention RGIII

                                  Quick hits for Falcons at Redskins I'd call that a good start Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III won honors for Rookie of Week 4 and Rookie of the Month for September. Wow. Just Wow. Anyone else notice […]


The US Navy has no chance against the Redskins and the Nationals

  I'm a U.S. Navy admirer and wanna be. So, when I see that the Navy Band is giving a free concert, I'm intensely interested. The Navy has no chance, however. They scheduled this concert for 4:00 PM, Sunday, October 14. Um, Kickoff for Vikings vs. Redskins at FedEx Field is 4:25 PM. If the […]


Hog Heaven, wrong about the Redskins

  As training camp opened last July, Redskins Hog Heaven's Boss Hog wrote Five reasons why the Washington Redskins would win 10 games. With four games on the books, it's time to 'fess up. I was wrong. Let me count the ways. 1 – It ain't about the rookie. It's about the carry-over guys.  WRONG. […]

Matt Ryan answers the call as Falcons rely on more passing

          The undefeated Atlanta Falcons visit FedEx Field this Sunday. The Falcons look like the class of the NFC South. The Redskins' flaws are all too apparent, but they look like high-scoring competitors in the Beast. How do the Redskins match-up with the Falcons? We turned to Kevin, our Bloguin colleague […]