The Redskins surefire path to the playoffs — just win the next game.

What's the point of having our local heroes in the playoff hunt if not to engage in what-if games? Washington Redskins fans and sports writers alike are figuring the team's path to the division. The idea seemed oh so improbable after the inexcusable loss to the Panthers.   Now that the Redskins beat two beatable […]

10 Cool thoughts about the Washington Redskins over the Dallas Cowboys

  Thanksgiving dinner included turkey with stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, wine, pies and a Redskins can of whupass on the Dallas Cowboys. Heavenly. Here are 10 Redskins Hog Heaven observations about the team on the day after dinner.   1. The Redskins confirmed their identity as a big play, turnover team. […]


The Navy needs your help on Thanksgiving

When I gave up my Redskins season tickets, I transferred some of those dollars on Navy games in nearby Annapolis. I must say, the Midshipmen do it up right. The Navy ticket office send me these appeals to send a Midshipman or enlisted person to a Bowl game. I usually help a little, this time […]

Happy Hog Heaven Thanksgiving

It's not what's on the table that makes Thanksgiving great. It's who's sitting there. Whatever you do, where ever you go, whom ever you are with, may you have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. HTTR

Bad news, Redskins fans, Brandon Meriweather OUT

News that Brandon Meriweather tore his ACL in yesterday's Eagles game burst the bubble of good feelings at the win over the Eagles. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan says Meriweather will be lost for the season. Man! I promise that I'll be back next yr better then ever.Hard work pays off. God had something different […]

4 things Hog Heaven never expected to see in Redskins-Eagles game

Now, there's four things you don't see in Washington every day. 1.       The Redskins win in a blowout. 2.       The Redskins beat a beatable team. 3.       The Redskins won at home. 4.       A really bad Andy Reid team. Washington was anywhere from 1½ to four-point favorites going into the Philadelphia game. They won by 25. […]

Hold Robert Griffin to a critical standard in the second half

Robert Griffin III has been the best thing to come to the Washington Redskins in a long time.  But as we watch the second half of his rookie campaign, we must be careful not to give him too many accolades too quickly. We won't know until this time next year whether the Redskins coaches have […]

The Redskins will beat the Eagles this Sunday

  The Redskins will beat the Eagles this Sunday, says Thomas Jackson, one of our oldest blogging friends, who covers Philadelphia on Eagles Eye blog. His description of what ails the Eagles will sound very familiar to Redskins fans. Redskins-Eagles after the Gibbs I era has not been a happy affair for Washingtonians. It wasn't […]

So you want to work for the Redskins. Team seeks Ticket Intern.

  The Washington Redskins are seeking a qualified individual to join the Redskins Ticket Office as an Intern. The right individual will be able to work as part of a team or individually. Job Functions: Provide assistance in all areas of Ticket Operations Job Description: Assist with the ticket mailing(s) and preparation. Account Managment Database Management Interact with […]

5 BYE week blunders the Redskins successfully avoided

  1. Did not fire Jim Haslett We must have a very serious discussion about Redskins DC Jim Haslett at the end of the season, because that's the right time to make off-season moves.  Whatever frustrated fans think of Haslett for the surprising disappearance of Washington's pass rush, releasing him now would doom the entire […]

Redskins, Giants have toughest road to the playoffs

The Washington Redskins gained ground on the Eagles and Giants just by staying home last Sunday. To keep gaining ground, Washington has the navigate the second hardest schedule within the Beast to make the playoffs.  The Giants have the tougher road. They not only play tougher opponents by virtue of their Super Bowl win, but […]

No short-term fixes for the Redskins, and no surprises either

Redskins fans have mood swings that make PMS seem stable in comparison.  One day, we are ready to fire everyone for this mess.  The next day "really, if we beat the Eagles and the Cowboys over the next 2 weeks we could be in it again?" I have to admit, the lure of this thought […]

Football players going broke, 5 big names, 5 bad investors

I look at football players, all pro athletes really, and just shake my heads. Didn't these guys go to college, or attend classes? Has no one told them that U.S. Savings Bonds are better for their money than some of the investments that impoverished them? The talents behind tells the story of five famous, […]

Did the Redskins get the Redskins Rule wrong?

I could say – purely as a joke – that the Washington Redskins couldn't even get the Redskins Rule right. Voters reelected Barack Obama to the U.S. presidency. That was supposed to happen only if the Redskins won their home game against the Carolina Panthers. And they should have beaten a one-win team at home, but I digress. […]

throwback Redskins knit cap

Redskins must be Presidential against Panthers

I am worried. The Redskins are universally favored to beat the Panthers today. When, in the Snyder-Cerrato era, have the Redskins beaten a beatable team? Sportsbook set Washington as 3½-point favorites over Carolina. To say the Redskins will win today is to predict an election day win for Barack Obama, by the Redskins Rule.  […]

Redskins bring the burgundy back to Burgundy and Gold this weekend against Panthers

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles showed us hot not to do throwback uniforms – convincing evidence that Pennsylvanians are color blind. Those uniforms are invariably called ugly by everyone but homers. Watching Redskins game. Have to think the were distracted, all day, thinking, "AHHHHH!!!! BEES!!!!!!! GIANT BEES!!!!" — Dan Graziano (@espn_nfceast)

UPDATED: The most talented group of people on the Redskins

It's not the offense. It's not the defense. It's not special teams. It's not the coaches. It's not the back office. It certainly isn't the medical staff and trainers. The most talented people on the Redskins are the player's agents that continue to extort ridiculous sums of money for worthless, arrogant players like DeAngelo Hall.  […]

Get a grip, people. Robert Griffin III is a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

Robert Griffin III is a pretty tough guy. Michael Wilbon says Griffin the Great is already the best athlete in the NFL. I'd place a bet with that the young man wins some sort of post-season award, if not MVP, then Rookie of the Year and the Pro Bowl. So I call bull droppings on words like […]

The state of the Redskins according to the Twitterverse

Before the Chuck Knoll era, Pittsburgh was one of the few teams Washington could count on beating. The Redskins still hold a 42-32-3 overall lead on the Steelers, but Pittsburgh has dominated in the Super Bowl era. A generation of Redskins blog readers have never seen a live win over the Steelers.  Washington patterns its […]

Some mid-season Sunday Morning notes on the Redskins coaching tape

Hello, all.  Long time, no see.  As the Redskins get ready to take their talents to Pittsburgh, here are a number of observations I made off the coaching tape from earlier this season: The Redskins special teams units are abysmal (except the punt team) and it's not just Billy Cundiff's fault Brandon Banks is not […]