NFL announces Redskins 2013 opponents

  The NFL announced the 2013 schedule for the NFC East division champion Washington Redskins. The St. Louis Rams are off the schedule because, for the first time in five seasons, neither the Redskins nor the Rams ended the regular season in division fourth place. Thus, they avoid playing fourth-place opponents. NFC East teams face […]

Cool stuff that happened since the Redskins’ last Super Bowl (January 26, 1992)

          •   Gopher morphed to become The Internet. •   Wikipedia was launched. •   MySpace fell and Facebook rose. •   Friends of Tanya Harding kneecapped Nancy Kerrigan. •   The Western Calendar entered the next Millennium and the Mayan Calendar ended.   •   After six seasons of trying, Norv Turner coached the Redskins […]

Redskins rivalry with Cowboys didn’t start with George Allen

The NFL missed the Cowboys vs. Redskins rivalry games. It's apparent by the joyous hype we see every day this week on the NFL Network and  Games were played, of course. Sometimes a team, usually the Redskins, would pull off a stunning upset, but those games lacked the winner-take-all aura of a playoff fight […]

Surgeon General to issue cardiac arrest warning on Redskins games

  If the headline was true, let's just say it's too little too late.  The Washington Redskins' six game winning streak has been anything but total domination of other teams.   Now that we head into a Dallas championship game, it's too tantalizing to just say "oh, we thought the season was over and we'd be […]


Hog Heaven wishes Merry Christmas to all!

Hog Heaven does not wish you Merry Christmas because you are Christians. I wish you Merry Christmas because I am. Thank you all for reading Hog Heaven, liking us on Facebook and following us on

Redskins over Eagles 27-20, Christmas Eve Edition

  The NFL, as expected, flexed the Cowboys at Redskins game to prime time, 8:30 PM ET Sunday. The Redskins entered the season with an underwhelming TV schedule. The Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas was a highlight, but the league didn't see the pairing as anything special. It was just Washington's turn in the rotation. […]

How the Redskins may fall into the Eagles’ trap

The Redskins burst another bad habit last weekend with a win over the Browns in Cleveland and while being led by back up quarterback Kirk Cousins. So often in the Norv Turner – Daniel Snyder era, Washington played up or down to the level of the opponent, beating Super Bowl contending Packers one day, then […]

Bobby Three-Sticks heads list of clever nicknames for Redskins heroes

Clever nicknames are a sign that our local Redskins heroes are crossing into the public realm as cultural icons. Do any of the current Redskins have a handle that rivals Capt. Chaos that shall forever be tied to Chris Cooley? Here are a few candidates that arose with Washington's current winning streak. Bobby Three-Sticks – Robert […]

Jets’ Woody Johnson is the new Daniel Snyder, laughter follows

  There's a new sheriff in town and his name isn't Daniel Snyder. Hog Heaven readers know we respectfully refer to the Redskins team owner as "Mister" Snyder ever since he went along with Mike Shanahan's blockbuster trade to position the selection of Robert Griffin III. Fans in other places take an occasional potshot at […]

Is Rob Jackson the Alfred Morris of the Redskins’ defense?

  Many people, including myself, thought that Brian Orakpo's injury was a curtain call for the Redskins season.  Although we may have seen that a great pass rush is 40% of a good pass defense, I for one did not see the Rob Jackson freight train coming.   After all, Rob Jackson was a 7th […]

Hog Heaven’s barely in time prediction of Redskins at Browns. Win.

  Deep down, we all expected that Kirk Cousins would start for the Washington Redskins against the Cleveland Browns today. Deep down, most of us wondered if a win against the Browns today was worth the risk to Robert Griffin's knee, which means risking the next five seasons of football success. Cousin's start is both […]

Could Tom Compton be the Redskins other 6th-round steal of the Draft?

  The Redskins promoted sixth round draft pick Tom Compton from the practice squad to the 53-man roster yesterday. After several 'Gumby' hits on RG3 this year, many of us wondered how the Tom Compton project was going. The Redskins have been fortunate this year with their offensive line as far the injury bug goes.  […]

The feared Redskins defense is sneaky good, now here comes the Ravens

  Just when Hog Heaven is ready to say nice things about the Washington Redskins defense, Michael Lombardi goes and writes my story for me. Robert Griffin III and the Redskins are getting a big boost from the defense says Lombardi in a story up today on "Yards allowed are not a true indication […]

In win over Giants, the Redskins learn to be clutch

Robert Griffin III came back from the BYE dedicated to becoming a better player. How was that possible, we all thought? There are lists of other Redskins players who had to get better before we got to RGIII. Now we know what Griffin meant. Better wasn't good enough. Perfection is his goal. He's infectious. He […]

Why the Redskins will beat the Giants on Monday Night Football

  If it's true that the best defense is a strong offense, then how good must the Washington Redskins D be to beat the Giants? Better than they were the last time they met. Our defense effectively separated Eli Manning from his wide receivers for 58:47 of game time. Then the inexplicable, inexcusable breakdown that […]

Sean Taylor, today was the day….

Sean Michael Maurice Taylor, April 1, 1983 – November 27, 2007   Tweets make it clear that, 5 years after his death, Sean Taylor hit a nerve for a generation of Redskins fans. — Anthony Brown (@SkinsHogHeaven)