Bringing the Santana Moss Debate to Hog Heaven

Santana Moss has been a better Redskins wide receiver than any player on the roster since at least the Norv Turner era, and probably before that.  It would be fallacious to suggest that Moss has always given 100%, or to use some of the other superlatives about his performance, and Moss hasn’t always been good […]

The Most Ill-Timed Redskins Quarterback Post You’ve Seen This Year

Right when the Redskins season ended and pretty much through the Senior Bowl, the hot button topic in Washington was who the 2011 quarterback would be.  Right now, that’s a very overplayed issue, and isn’t really picking up the big time blog hits.  But come the NFL scouting combine, quarterback talk will once again dominate […]

Redskins Draft Talk: Needs that Must Be Addressed

Strange but true: the Redskins may not be able to rely on free agency to improve their roster in 2011.  Sure, neither the owners or the players association is looking to end the free agent system as we know it, but unlike the NFL draft, there’s no current plan or parameters for a free agent […]

Ryan Clark, Mark Brunell, Head Former Redskins In The Playoffs.

Dan Steinberg’s DC Sports Bog post yesterday on former Redskin Ryan Clark got me thinking who else that once played for the Washington Redskins are alive in the NFL playoffs? Here’s the quick list I’m able to find: STEELERS Ryan Clark S, 2005-06 Redskins thought Adam Archuleta was better. Won Super bowl ring with the […]

Are We Sure Donovan McNabb Won’t Be A Redskin in 2011?

If Redskins fans were polled on the question will Donovan McNabb be the starting quarterback for the 2011 season, most would answer, “Yes…somewhere else.” Hold your horses, cowboy. McNabb’s departure from the Redskins is no more certain than was Clinton Portis‘ supposed departure when Mike Shanahan arrived one year and five days ago. Portis hopes […]

Why A NFL Lockout Makes No sense, But Could Be Good For The Redskins

To paraphrase Jim Mora, the elder, “Lockout? Lockout? I don’t want to talk about lockout. I just want to see a game.” I’m in denial at the prospect of a cancelled 2011 pro football season.  Not going to happen. No way. No how. All we need to know is that the NFL Sunday Night Football […]

Last Game Means More To Redskins Than To Giants

What happens when a team fighting for the playoffs meets a team fighting for their careers? The playoff-bound team loses, or course. I have always believed that the Washington Redskins would split its game with the New York Giants this year. A lot of that is moral imperative. I want the Redskins to cease signing […]

Hogs Haven: Redskins Dump 3-4 Defense to Bring More Pressure Against Jaguars

My friend (I met him once) Kevin Ewoldt posted a thorough breakdown of the Washington Redskins plays against the Jacksonville Jaguars over at Hogs Haven. Our own Greg Trippiedi, who does this for Redskins Hog Heaven, is taking a holiday. So we urge you to peek at Kevin’s work. I take issue with Kevin’s contention […]

London Fletcher Is Perfect For The New Redskins Says Former LB Great, Ken Harvey

[picapp] What the Washington Redskins need are more players like London Fletcher, says former Washington Redskins linebacker Ken Harvey. The team also needs more players who are hungry, who are students of the game and play for the joy of playing. It’s a different mindset than previous Redskins teams, adds Harvey. Harvey spoke to us […]

Redskins Great Ken Harvey Says No to Teen Drinking

Former Washington Redskins linebacker Ken Harvey has a message for fans everywhere. “We don’t serve teens,” says Harvey, Redskins Director of Responsibility. That’s an important message to the community as New Year celebrations approach. Harvey is delivering the message of responsible drinking in union with Redskins partner Diageo that has made its resources available to […]

Donovan McNabb Speaks Out About The Redskins, Sorta

[picapp] Can Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb speak frankly to me? Because I’m real confused. Are they in, or not? Donovan McNabb spoke to ESPN 980 Redskins Radio yesterday afternoon where the the main topic of interest was his status with the team. McNabb wanted to speak about anything but that, although he knew those questions […]

Will Give Blood For Redskins Ticket

In an effort to do good in the community, and maybe fill FedEx Field with burgundy bleeding diehard fans, the Washington Redskins are offering a free ticket to the January 2, 2011, Redskins Giants game to everyone who donates blood this Thursday, December 30, 2010. The Redskins are teaming with the American Red Cross for […]

Redskins ‘Round the World: What They Are Saying After Jaguars Game

[picapp] Redskins fans are fixated on quarterback issues in Washington as if we have the only problems. You should read what they are saying about David Garrard in Jacksonville. Charlie Bernstein, editor “Without the services of Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jaguars ran the ball just 23 times and threw 38 times. Most playoff-caliber teams don’t […]

Grade B Performance for Rex Grossman in Redskins Win Over Jaguars

[picapp] Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Just yesterday, we begged for a win like a hopeful child. Today the jolly old elf, and the Washington Redskins defense, delivered. The Redskins jumped to an early lead, and then held on to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 20-17. Rex Grossman played part two of his three […]

Washington Plays The Joker In Jacksonville

[picapp] The Washington Redskins stagger through the remainder of their season with everyone on the team but Donovan McNabb auditioning for a spot on next year’s roster. Santa’s sleigh brings them to Jacksonville to face the Jaguars. Santa has a few gifts for Washington, too.  Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew, AKA Pocket Hercules, is listed as […]

Dear Santa,…

Dear Santa, I have been a good fan and an ok blogger all year long. Please may I have a win on Sunday?  And please, please Santa, give me two more years of London Fletcher playing at a high level. _________________________ Where ever you go, whomever you are with, however you celebrate this day, may […]

Odds Are That Donovan McNabb Won’t Be In Washington Next Year

[picapp] Everyone but Donovan McNabb knows that. Leave it to the sports books to give you odds on Donovan’s next moves. If he were a betting man, D-Mac could pick up some easy cash, because he’s going to need it. Being demoted to third-string quarterback will cost McNabb $62,500 in the next two weeks. Of […]

Buck Up, Redskins Fans. God Is On Our Side

[picapp] Well, maybe not God himself. He’s been very busy lately. But the Washington Redskins may have an “in” through one of His deputies on Earth. It turns out that Donald Wuerl, the (Catholic) Cardinal-Archbishop of Washington, is a Redskins fan, according to a story on Geesh! The Cardinal is a ‘Skins fan. The […]

After McNabb, Are the Redskins Looking For The Next Tim Tebow?

[picapp] A discussion thread on the DC Pro Sports Report forum notes that Donovan McNabb wants to stay a Redskin. The comments are decidedly ho-hum on that prospect. The underlying sense is that McNabb is in denial of his situation and that he is already dead meat in Washington. We are all on a learning […]

Redskins vs Cowboys Defensive Reviews: Anthony Bryant Needs an Extension

Not pictured above: DeAngelo Hall. Nothing has changed in terms of first down defense: the Redskins are still a dreadful first down defensive team, when they are primarily a 3-4 team.  All we found out this week is that fixing the nose tackle position doesn’t change the fact that the Redskins can’t stop teams in […]

Redskins vs Cowboys Offensive Review: Grossman’s Turnovers

On Sunday, Tony wrote that Rex Grossman passed his test as Redskins starting quarterback.  I completely agree with him.  I also think that Grossman is incredibly fortunate to be playing under circumstances where winning the game was not a primary objective of how well the quarterback performs.  Grossman made way too many plays that hurt […]

Donovan McNabb’s Worst Nightmare

[picapp] Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys had to be Donovan McNabb’s second worst nightmare in this nightmare season for he and the Washington Redskins. Shown up…by Rex Grossman. Psychologists say that one only remembers dreams if you awake before they end. Nightmares awaken you with an emotional start. Donovan’s nightmare started well enough when […]

Rex Grossman Passes His Test Against Cowboys

[picapp] How did Rex Grossman do starting at quarterback for the Washington Redskins? Surprisingly well. Shockingly well. Astoundingly well. Not that he was perfect. When head coach Mike Shanahan promoted Grossman to starter, Redskins Hog Heaven asked what we must see from Grossman to buy into the idea. Here’s the list along with Grossman’s performance. […]