New NFL rules by Roger Goddell and John Mara

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Management Council Chairman & NY Giants co-owner John Mara









No more running backs running low with their pads and heads down (also known as the 'Stop Alfred Morris' rule)


  • Automatic suspension and fine for ball spinning after a catch or touchdown (Garcon rule).
  • No more quarterbacks sprinting down the sidelines (Griffin rule)
  • No more cut blocks (Trent Williams rule)
  • No spending sprees for free agents after coming off a cap penalty year (Allen rule)

Withdrawn rule suggestions:

No more kickoffs (would have helped Kai Forbath, so they stay)

Important reminder – all Seahawk urine tests are to be tampered so that Richard Sherman can continue to be 'spiked' with Adderall.  Redskins urine tests are to be supervised by the local FBI.

Can you think of new ways to help the Giants and hurt the Redskins? Then send your application to NFL c/o Roger Goddell and you may find yourself employed!

Editor's note: Contributor Scott Hirsch is of the opinion that playoff runs are year-long campaigns and not just restricted to the football season. 

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