Cousins leads Redskins over Browns 38-21 in march to playoffs


Nothing that Kirk Cousins did in the Cleveland game today came as a surprise to Michigan State football fans. The Spartans play a pro-style offense. Cousins was more pro-ready than Robert Griffin III when he entered the NFL. Cousins has been clutch for a very long time. 

Hog Heaven considers Cousins an equal talent to Russell Wilson (Wisconsin), so yes, I'm saying the Seahawks would have been as successful with Cousins at quarterback as they are with Wilson. The Redskins are so much better off now with Griffin and Cousins at quarterback than last year with what's his name and what's his name.

Mike and Kyle Shanahan got well-deserved accolades for adapting pieces the Baylor offense for Griffin III. How did they answer mindless questions about Cousins' ability to run that offense? The Shanahan's didn't ask him to. Some parts of the Redskins' offense today looked vaguely familiar, like the Spartans' offense I watched Cousins run in East Lansing.

How did Griffin's absence hurt Alfred Morris? Not all. Morris rushed 27 times for 87 yards and two scores. Thank you. 

I am comfortable if the team doctors take another week to green light Griffin's return to the active roster. I'm just that comfortable with Cousins. Perhaps Redskins fans are, too.    

The win and the Giants' loss gives the Redskins contested lead of the NFL East. The Redskins own tie-breaker advantages over the Giants and Cowboys going into the last two games this season. The eight win is one game better than I expected of them this season. Any more that happens is gravy. Whether the Redskins make the post-season of not, they are giving their fans a hellava run.

Mr. Snyder and Mike Shanahan have some thinking to do about the future of the team. They will get feelers about Cousins before the 2013 Draft, and about Kyle Shanahan after the Super Bowl. Washington hasn't been in this strong a position at quarterback in 30 years. Both Cousins and young Shanahan (can't believe I just wrote that) are part of the formula. 

I'm in no hurry to see changes. There are huge implications for the future – enough for 50 blog posts over the next six months.

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