About that Redskins defensive front

“The Redskins aren’t the purest of all 3-4 defenses, because although they line up in that formation for their base packages, they do indeed use more of a 4-3 look for the bulk of their pass-rushing fronts. Their nickel package generally has Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan coming off the edge more like defensive ends, with Barry Cofield and another player lined up like 4-3 interior linemen. Judging by the sampling of plays they ran during the offseason practices that were open to reporters, I think that you can expect to see Haslett still using a variety of fronts (both 3-4 and 4-3) in an attempt to keep the offenses guessing and create more mismatches.”

~ Mike Jones, Washington Post Redskins Mailbag response to question whether Redskins should return to 4-3 defensive front.


Old football adage: It’s not the Xs & Os. It’s the Jimmies and Joes, meaning that player talent trumps how they are aligned.

RGIII flag

Robert Griffin III has something to teach and something to learn

This is true of every young person with high potential. What RGIII has to teach Independence Day is a good time to recall something RGIII said two years ago when he was maligned as a “cornbread brother” for not conforming to someone else’s notion of how an African-American male should act. The Redskins team name […]


Which NFC BEast team won the 2011 Draft? The Cowboys

Photo: Cowboys first round Draft pick, Tyron Smith, T And it isn’t even close. You read it all the time. One cannot evaluate an NFL Draft Class for three years after the Draft year. It’s rare that anyone does that. It’s more fun to look ahead. We get it. Pundits can look ahead without being […]

Redskins: It’s OUR word

“That’s not what this case is about. It’s what OUR word means. It’s how you use it, it’s not whether you use it. You need to put the word in context. Once you get the context, this case falls apart in two seconds for them. And that’s where we’re standing. We’re standing on that ground….It may or may not be used disparagingly, just like many other terms can. So we don’t really think there’s much to that claim…..We, the Washington Redskins, have made something honorable and successful and imbued that into this brand. There’s no way that anybody can say we use that mark disparagingly. It’s a mark. That’s what trademark law’s all about.”

~ Bob Raskopf, outside trademark attorney for the Washington Redskins, when asked if he would call a Native American a “Redskin.” Quote taken from HERE.

Hog Heaven answered the same question HERE.

With kneebrace removed, RGIII faces his next steps

“However, Griffin also is still learning to be a pocket passer. That doesn’t just mean throwing a pass from the pocket, but also knowing when to run and where and how quickly to go from your first option to your second or third. It doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t do it, but it does mean there’s an ongoing transition that will take time. Nor does it mean he won’t make plays in the process. If he’s more himself, why wouldn’t he? There are things he does well as a passer; the trick for Gruden is incorporating those while he improves in other areas. Knock the Shanahans all you want, they coaxed a terrific season from a rookie quarterback two years ago.”

~ ESPN.com’s John Keim. Read the full post HERE.


Trademark Board throws Redskins for a loss, but the game is not over

You knew this was coming, Redskins fans. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board today cancelled the federal registration of The Redskins® trademark. The Trademark Board has telegraphed its biased animus toward the brand for over a year. It ruled against the Redskins in 1999 before the U.S. District Court slapped them down. The media screams […]

Jon Gruden: “I love the Redskins”

“I love football, and I love global franchises like the Redskins, and I love football fans. And I really love what Coach Gibbs stands for. If I can be half the man he is, I’ll be very proud.”

~ Former NFL coach and ESPN football analyst Jon Gruden at a Youth for Tomorrow banquet honoring Joe Gibbs in May 2014. Reported on DC Sports Bog