The Hog Heaven Summer Reading Guide: Indians, Redskins, Statistics and Lies

Hog Heaven tries to base thoughtful analysis about the Redskins and football on facts not rants. Here is our late summer reading list in the wind down to the season. Two of these books are about the Redskins name controversy rather than actual football. We want our supporting arguments to be based on rational thought […]

Blackfeet Strong (600x402)

The Power of Pride and Honor: Blackfeet Tribal Member Describes the Power of ‘Redskins’

This story contributed by Robert Rides at the Door, Blackfeet Tribal Member and Full Blooded Redskins Fan. Know Your History “The only good Indian is a Dead Indian…..Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” Over 100 years ago, my ancestors of this country were told, forced and reinforced to be ashamed and forget who they are. […]

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5 Reasons why the Patriots are practicing with the Redskins

Hog Heaven thought it odd that Bill Belichick wanted to practice with the Redskins in the lead-up to their Thursday Night Football game. Don’t get us wrong. We think this is a good idea. But, what’s in it for the Patriots? Here are five reasons why the Pats are messin’ with the ‘Skins: No. 5: […]

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Fact Checking WaPOST’s Fact Checker on ‘’

Only in Washington and only for the Redskins is a business fighting a public relations onslaught criticized for hiring a p.r. firm to fund a web site to tell its side of the story. The Washington POST’s Fact Checker took aim at The site’s very name is an invitation to crawl under the covers […]


Redskins 2014: Get ready for The Year of the Screen

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch. Did you hear that Brandon Meriweather is retiring after his first full year of only clean tackles? His head isn’t into it anymore. Seriously, there are four top things that will make or break this season for the Redskins.  The first is getting lucky on the injury issue (just […]


Chip Kelly opens up on DeSean Jackson, what that means to the Redskins

Finally, an honest football reason why the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson. When I say “honest,” I’m using a figure of speech. I’m not sure that Chip Kelly isn’t snowing us. Redskins fans should pay attention, however. DJax did not open up the Eagles offense for other players, says Kelly. “I think most people played us in single […]

Jay Gruden Washington Redskins

3 reasons why Jay Gruden will be more successful than Mike Shanahan

No. 1: Gruden is not Mike Shanahan Well yeah, there’s nowhere else to go but up. There is much more to it, though. In announcing Shanahan’s departure, GM Bruce Allen made a vague reference to the need for a coach attuned to the new practice rules baked into the current CBA. It was a backhand […]