5 things RGIII has this year he did not have last year

Hog Heaven looks forward to the day when we gloats over the Redskins’ 2014 winning season. Washington is at the bottom of every list made by unwashed heathen outside of DC. Most of them pundits who draw straight-line projections from 2013 into this year. They are wrong. The Redskins will have a good, if not […]

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Get your Redskins Hog Heaven updates right here

Redskins training camp is about to open (HAIL), so now is a good time to remind you how to get Hog Heaven 2014 updates. First, we are no longer using the app found on our site in 2012. If you have the old Notice Software app on your mobile device, uninstall that bad boy now. […]

RGIII: The more things change, the more they stay the same

“I think having two years’ experience running an offense, a pro-level offense, West Coast type, this is very similar. So it’s not been as tough as you might think. But all the concepts translate over. They might be called something different. But the reads are similar. It’s just about the philosophy of the coach. Jay has a little bit different philosophy. We’ll find out what that is on Sundays.”


~ Robert Griffin III


Redskins surprise cut #3: The end of the (O) line will not be a TyPo

This story submitted by Scott Hirsch For true Redskins’ fans, one of the most offensive parts of the Redskins is not the name but the play of the Offensive Line. Gruden basically  went so far as to say ‘calm down, folks!’ suggesting he may keep more starters than Trent Williams. The reality appears that Gruden […]

About that Redskins defensive front

“The Redskins aren’t the purest of all 3-4 defenses, because although they line up in that formation for their base packages, they do indeed use more of a 4-3 look for the bulk of their pass-rushing fronts. Their nickel package generally has Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan coming off the edge more like defensive ends, with Barry Cofield and another player lined up like 4-3 interior linemen. Judging by the sampling of plays they ran during the offseason practices that were open to reporters, I think that you can expect to see Haslett still using a variety of fronts (both 3-4 and 4-3) in an attempt to keep the offenses guessing and create more mismatches.”

~ Mike Jones, Washington Post Redskins Mailbag response to question whether Redskins should return to 4-3 defensive front.


Old football adage: It’s not the Xs & Os. It’s the Jimmies and Joes, meaning that player talent trumps how they are aligned.

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Robert Griffin III has something to teach and something to learn

This is true of every young person with high potential. What RGIII has to teach Independence Day is a good time to recall something RGIII said two years ago when he was maligned as a “cornbread brother” for not conforming to someone else’s notion of how an African-American male should act. The Redskins team name […]


Which NFC BEast team won the 2011 Draft? The Cowboys

Photo: Cowboys first round Draft pick, Tyron Smith, T And it isn’t even close. You read it all the time. One cannot evaluate an NFL Draft Class for three years after the Draft year. It’s rare that anyone does that. It’s more fun to look ahead. We get it. Pundits can look ahead without being […]