10 undrafted rookies pursue their dreams with the Redskins

Media sources report that the Redskins signed the following undrafted rookies: Tulane nose tackle Chris Davenport, Southern wide receiver Lee Doss, BYU wide receiver Cody Hoffman, Indiana wide receiver Kofi Hughes, Northwestern wide receiver Rashad Lawrence, Texas-El Paso tight end Kevin Perry, Southern Cal running back Silas Redd, Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees, North Dakota State defensive back Bryan Shepherd and Arkansas nose tackle Robert Thomas.

The NFL conducted 17-round Drafts in the past. Most of these prospects would have been drafted then. The seven-round draft we see today is by agreement with the players’ union. Teams need many players to fill out a full practice roster for training camp. Undrafted Free agents, sometimes called camp bodies, face long odds to make the team, but this is their shot at their NFL dream.

Good luck, fellas.

The Redskins’ three-day rookie camp starts today. The team’s first Organized Team Activity (OTA) begins May 27.

Antwaan Randle El, one of the fastest players in the NFL, claims he return a kickoff against a bear. a bear expert said that bears can run 35 mph, while the fastest human can run 27 mph. However, Randle El claims that he could out-juke the bear.  dailyyeah.com 2008

Humor: Redskins Ryan Grant just has to outrun the bear

Story contributed by Scott Hirsch. Two guys are in the woods camping.  They hear a roaring bear come towards them.  One of the guys quickly puts on his track shoes.  His friend says ‘what are you doing, you can’t outrun a bear!’ The runner says ‘I don’t need to outrun the bear.  I just need […]

Trent Murphy, drafted by Washington, had 15 sacks last season for Stanford. Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle

The key to unlock the Redskins Draft Strategy found here. Read now

Story contributed by Scott Hirsch. In what has become an annual ritual, a lot of Redskins fans are freaking out about the draft.  Several picks were indeed head scratchers at first.  Will they be guaranteed successes or failures?  We don’t know yet.  But this type of thinking misses a main point of this draft. A […]

DeAngelo Hall on Jay Gruden and Mike Shanahan

DeAngelo Hall says the Redskins “hit the lottery” with [DeSean] Jackson, while new coach Jay Gruden is changing the team philosophy.

“Mike kinda ruled more with an iron fist,” Hall said of the team’s former coach, “Jay kinda lets you go in there and be you.”

From csnwashington.com, Hall says “no iron fist” from Gruden.


Hog Heaven says: Its early; Gruden is a rookie head coach; the chips aren’t down yet. Hall hasn’t seen Gruden’s coaching style when the pressure is on. This can’t end well if Hall’s first impression of Gruden proves true.


Nov. 28, 2013, NFL.com, DeAngelo Hall backs Mike Shanahan, Redskins coaches.

trent murphy

Why the Redskins’ boring Draft picks should excite you, kinda sorta

Here’s what the Washington Redskins are telling us with their Draft picks. The team is going to win with players already on the roster. (Looking at you, Robert Griffin III.) The Redskins said they were selecting players with an eye towards the 2015 and 2016 roster. Their first three picks were trench warriors for 2014 […]

kirk cousins by ed sheahin

Kirk Cousins trade rumors entertain bored Redskins fans

Redskins fans don’t have a lot to do this evening. Why not fan every rumor involving our favorite trade bait, Kirk Cousins. The back-up quarterback is the most popular player on the team. In Cousins’ case, it’s because so many fans are anxious to dump him. Redskins fans are not used to other teams’ interest […]


Bruce Allen: Redskins to draft for talent over need

Hog Heaven reminds fans everywhere that it is NFL Lying Season. But if Redskins GM Bruce Allen is misinforming rivals through the media, he is doing so by clever use of an NFL truism. In the debate of drafting for need or drafting for best player available, football executives argue for best talent every time. […]


Friendly bets on the Redskins Draft

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch. I’ll bet the Redskins select a Right Tackle, Tight End, Cornerback, Defensive Lineman, Outside Linebacker, Guard. Real close to taking a pass catching running back and big WR – so say those if best available at the right round. I’ll be shocked if we draft a Safety like everyone […]


Johnny Manziel vs. the Redskins. Should you buy the hype?

Everyone is pumping Johnny Manziel. Ian Rappaport’s story on NFL AM today has unnamed insiders projecting that Johnny Football as a top 10 pick next week’s Draft with the Texans, Jaguars, Browns, Vikings or Buccaneers the likely takers. Whoa! Four of those teams are on the Redskins’ schedule. How likely are the Redskins to face […]


Redskins fans should expect the unexpected in this NFL Draft

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch Even though Jay Gruden has kept a lot of the old regime coaching staff, we should expect a shakeup in the player roster with this draft.  A new coach needs to put his players on the roster. The Redskins had quite an active free agency, but that is not […]

RGIII sees 2103 season as a blessing in disguise

“I don’t regret it. Anything that happened last year has helped this team moving forward with the fresh start we have. For me, it’s a blessing in disguise for what happened. Everything that happened — whether it was the lack of offseason, the documentary — was turned into a negative. That wasn’t a negative. That was a positive thing. There are a lot of people that go through ACL recoveries, and a lot of people have said how inspiring that was for them.”

~ Robert Griffin III as quoted in John Keim’s story, RG III: Excited for upcoming season, on ESPN.com