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Redskins special teams: it’s coverage, stupid. Out of the box answers?

Redskins fans are dissatisfied with special teams  ̶  dissatisfied with everything right now. Special teams frustrated fans the most for a very long time. Kickers and returners catch fan’s ire. But, folks, coverage is the devil. Defense is how teams win possession, but special teams is how teams win field position. The Redskins were in […]

Ryan Clark: Redskins have to want it more than the Seahawks

“You’re a 3-13 team last year, you’re a 1-2 team going into the Giants’ game. That’s personal. That’s the way some people in this locker room looked at it. It was a terrible sense of entitlement. I can’t make a man want it. I can’t make a man understand how he’s supposed to work or approach his game. All I can do is approach them all the same, like it’s the last one I play.”

~ Ryan Clark found here.

Antrel Rolle: Kirk Cousins folds under pressure

“It was the pressure up front. When you slow the tape down and you watch how we got after those guys up front, it was phenomenal. … And one thing that our coaches put a point of emphasis on is when this guy doesn’t have pressure, his passer rating is 100-something, but when he has that pressure and he gets pressure in his face, his passing rating went all the way down to like 60-something.”

~ Giants CB Antrel Rolle quote from ESPN.com

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Too early for an autopsy on the Redskins 2014 season?

After a 1-3 start that is starting to look like 1-5 given the Redskins’ schedule, is it time to call it over this year? After a first draft of factors of why it could be over, I had to delete the list because it was 1) too long 2) too obvious and 3) too depressing! The bizarre […]

Tandler: Don’t hurt yourself jumping off the Cousins bandwagon

“A lot of fans and media types are in grave danger of hurting themselves while jumping off of the Kirk Cousins bandwagon. It was a very crowded place to be after the Jaguars and Eagles games. It’s now nearly empty. But just like it was way too early to proclaim Cousins the new savior prior to Thursday night, it’s too early to say that he is hopeless flawed after his five-turnover performance on the Giants. We should have a better idea of what the Redskins have in Cousins in about five or six weeks when Robert Griffin III is ready to return.”

~ Rich Tandler, CSN Washington from Here.

Redskins: “We know we have a good team,

“…but we have to show up every day. We didn’t show up [Thursday night against the Giants]. It’s good that it happened to us like, hey, we’re good but we’re not as good as we think we are. We’ve still got a lot of work to be done.” ~ Alfred Morris

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South Park Redskins bench RGIII for Kirk Cousins

Well, this is going to be bigger news than anything else you will read Thursday, including the Giants at Redskins game on Thursday Night Football. South Park, the animated parody program on Comedy Central, took a swipe at the Washington Redskins team name controversy. South Park replaced Robert Griffin III who was shown in promos […]


Talking Redskins-Eagles with the smartest blogger I know

The Redskins visit the Eagles tomorrow and it sure feels like the Redskins community is more excited about the game than they would have been if Robert Griffin III started at quarterback. DeSean Jackson was only “60 to 70 percent” in Friday’s practice. The Redskins list him as Questionable for the game. My fantasy football experience […]