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To beat the Eagles, the Redskins need a game plan AND a fourth quarter game plan

The Eagles have been a killer at coming back in the fourth quarter after wearing out defenses thanks to the one two punch of Shady McCoy and Darren Sproles and their hurry up offense.  In particular, Sproles has been especially dangerous in the passing game. The Redskins defense has looked fantastic in the first half […]

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How the Redskins ruined my prediction that Rambo would be cut

They were faster than I was in doing this. No special teams skill and whiffing on a key play a couple days before a safety roster cut stacked the deck against him. A lot of our dreams are being dashed or rewritten this season.  The dream of wearing a “Rambo” Redskins jersey proudly is definitely gone. […]

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What’s your reaction when RGIII tweets, “All In for Game 8?”

It’s a rhetorical question. Robert Griffin’s ankle injury shapes up as a replay of his 2012 knee injury and the miscalculations that followed. What would the Redskins do if they had a do over? How would fans react in a do over? News that RGIII dislocated his ankle in the Jaguars game prompted fears that […]


OUCH! What Redskins fans need to know about Dislocated Ankles and AC Joint Sprains

Redskins players suffered several injuries during the game with Jacksonville. Two of them are of most concern to fans. Robert Griffin III suffered a dislocated ankle and DeSean Jackson has a sprained AC shoulder. Here are quick links to descriptions of those injuries. Both are found on Dislocated Ankle “A dislocated ankle is a […]

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Akeem Davis wins this round of musical chairs with the Redskins

You knew there would be repercussions from the ugly loss in Houston. Bacarri Rambo’s whiffed attempt to tackle DeAndre Hopkins and Barry Cofield’s high ankle strain were triggering events. The Redskins moved Cofield to the Injured Reserve list with designation to return later this season. DE Chris Baker will move to nose tackle. The team […]

You won’t see Jordan Reed on the field anytime soon, Redskins fans

“Head coach Jay Gruden confirmed Monday that nose tackle Barry Cofield and tight end Jordan Reed “could miss some time” after suffering injuries in the team’s 17-6 loss yesterday to the Houston Texans. Both Cofield — who suffered a high ankle sprain — and Reed — who has a mild hamstring strain — have undergone MRIs.”

~ Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden at his Monday afternoon press conference. A video accompanies the story on The look on Gruden’s face when speaking of Reed says it all.

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Obi-Wan where are you? Redskins need a new Jedi Master for the O-line

The “10-6″ Redskins record predictions are no longer to be seen in comments on Redskins articles after the loss to the Texans.  What now? What was so disconcerting about the Texans game was watching one player, JJ Watt, almost single-handedly beat an entire NFL team.  It is not that the Redskins now hold the longest […]

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Talking up Redskins at Texans with Texans

Hog Heaven is speaking up for your Washington Redskins in the lead up to the big game Sunday. We did the closing segment, about 20 minutes, on the Luv Ya Steel Blue podcast on September 2. Hog Heaven is on at the 1:05:00 mark. (I didn’t know I was that soft spoken.) Go to the […]

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Will the Texans expose Logan Paulsen?

This is the game where the myth that Logan Paulsen is a good blocking tight end is finally put to rest.  I think Niles Paul is the 2nd best Tight End on this team, and he may even have become the best blocker. Per Washington Post today: According to Pro Football Focus, Paulsen was the […]

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Redskins tickets a bargain for home opener

The Washington Redskins went from the darlings of the NFC East to the bottom of the division in the span of one year. Rushing Robert Griffin III back from a torn ACL and boasting a shaky defense certainly didn’t help. While Washington’s slide left a poor taste in the mouths of fans, RG3’s awesome rookie […]

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The issue with the Redskins offense

I went back and re-watched the starting the offense play in the first three preseason games. The following stood out: RG3 is a better QB now than he ever was. The gaps between Center and Right Guard and between Right Guard and Tackle are still the Achilles Heel of the Offensive Line. Lauvao is improving […]