5 questions for Redskins Pres. & GM Bruce Allen

“You know how this works. You ask the questions and I don’t answer them.” ~ Mike Shanahan at his first press conference as Redskins head coach. Bruce Allen’s press conference Wednesday morning is news in itself. Expect the DC sportswriter crowd to ask the usual, superficial football related questions – prominent names, job security questions, Robert […]

NFL Preseason - Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins - August 21, 2004

Vinny Cerrato says he took heat from Redskins ownership over Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor is a martyr to Redskins fans. Any criticism about St. Sean is fighting words in these parts. It wasn’t a criticism, but former and still despised Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato says he took heat from team “ownership” over Taylor’s early career work habits. Vinny made his comments on his syndicated talk show aired […]

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Whatever the Redskins decide to do next, it will probably be wrong

Whatever comes tomorrow for the Redskins, Hog Heaven is certain of one thing. It will be another short cut to placate the mob (us fans) with a famous name. Perhaps will be Wade Phillips to replace Jim Haslett as the defensive coordinator because the touts are adamant that Rex Ryan would rather be on TV […]

Tickets holding their value for Redskins season finale vs Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys face the Washington Redskins in Week 17, but before the teams take the field Dallas should thank them for knocking off the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16, thus opening the door for the Cowboys to clinch the NFC East last week. The Cowboys do still have first-round bye or possibly home-field advantage […]

Why are losing teams in the playoffs and the Eagles out?

“The fact that a team with a losing record can make the playoffs, let alone host a playoff game, while the Philadelphia Eagles who could finish with 11-wins and not even make the postseason, doesn’t look good.

“The playoffs are supposed to reward the best teams and be the part of the NFL season when the elite teams go head to head, and at this point no one would put Atlanta (5-9), New Orleans (6-8), or Carolina (5-8-1) in this category.”

~ Blaine Grisak, via The Football Educator, Making a Strong Case for NFL Realignment.

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RGIII still has a long way to go to reemerge as an NFL star

Robert Griffin III gave his most effective performance of the year against the Eagles last Saturday. The stats show it. The stats show something else, too. RG has yet to out-perform opposing quarterbacks in any game he has played this year. The papers are crushing Mark Sanchez today, but he played well enough to win. […]


How Michael Vick could find his way on the Redskins roster

Michael Vick spoke his wistful thought that a place on the Redskins roster would be the ideal end to his career. It could work. The social media reaction was a unanimous “oh HECK no.” Somebody out there (you know who you are) thinks this would be a great idea, but the notion is a non-starter […]

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What we REALLY think about Daniel Snyder

Hog Heaven is a long-time Daniel Snyder critic. You know this if you are a regular reader. (Thank you for that.) Our comments are not Snyder hate. We like that he grew up a Redskins fan. We do not have an out of town owner who is a threat to move the team, or who […]

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Week 16 preview

Aside from the opportunity to play spoiler, or position themselves for the 2015 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins don’t have much to play for heading into Week 16. While there is uncertainty and disappointment surrounding D.C. these days, the Redskins still have a chance to end 2014 on a high note. And if they can’t […]


Alfred Morris shines in Lenovo’s Tough Season

This is a sponsored post that I was compensated for or received a discount for the service. All opinions are mine. Lenovo has partnered with Onion Labs to put together a very funny  series called Tough Season, following the exploits of a fantasy owner named Brad and his fantasy team. In the series, Brad interacts with […]

Jay Gruden Washington Redskins

The right call: Jay Gruden to coach Redskins in 2015

Firing Gruden after one season with Washington would be the least productive, most destructive action the Redskins could make at this moment. It protects us from Daniel Snyder making a football decision. Snyder spent this season paying two head coaches, Gruden and the final year of Mike Shanahan’s contract. It would be destructive to pay […]

Redskins fans feel Santana Moss’ pain

“It sucks, man. I’ll do better next time in that situation, but I hope this team can learn something from that.

“I was excited, man, and when I saw the call overturned — it only happens to us. It feels like every time we do something good, something bad comes out of it, and it’s only been happening to us.

“It’s been 10 years of this, so I just got carried away, and I let that get the best of me, and I know better.”

~ Redskins receiver Santana Moss explaining his outburst when replay officials in Giants game reversed Robert Griffin III’s touchdown, from here.

RG TD that was not

4 things to remember about the RGIII touchdown that was not

Redskins’ followers are having heartburn over Robert Griffin’s touchdown score that was reversed. Like Santana Moss, they are losing their heads when they should be keeping it. Here are four points to remember. No. 1 — It did not affect the outcome of the game The reversal came at the end of the half, not […]