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RGIII will have a successful year if…

He shows he has the makings of a leader of men instead of a momma’s boy. Master adversity instead of cracking under it.   He proves the Shanahans were wrong about whatever it was they said about him. (This line suggested by Mike Jones of the Washington Paper.)   In an age when Peyton Manning […]

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Troy Vincent to Brandon Meriweather: Look up, young man

The NFL’s two-game suspension of Redskins Safety Brandon Meriweather drew strong protests from DeAngelo Hall and Ryan Clark. Clark in particular called out former safety and now NFL executive Troy Vincent for disloyalty and poor skills at the position. Talk about hitting low. Vincent answered on the NFL Network. The leagues looked at video of […]


Too late to make Kirk Cousins Redskins QB starter. RGIII must run smarter

You knew the overreaction was coming as soon as Joe Theismann said, “if there was a quarterback competition, there would be not be a competition” (or words to that effect.) Theismann noted during the Redskins-Ravens preseason game that Cousins outshone Robert Griffin III as a pocket passer. It is too late to pull that switch […]

Keim: RGIII and the future of Redskins football

“Griffin, though, is the future. If you want to see him grow, you stick with him through whatever struggles there might be until you are convinced it’s more than just growing pains. But there’s no way you can be at that point yet. If you are, then the job should have been open from the get-go. Even last year’s coaching staff understood that Griffin’s ceiling is still high because of his unique abilities. But I also remember talking to one former NFL executive before training camp who did not think it was a good idea to turn Griffin into this much of a pocket passer. Not now. The Redskins keep saying he’s making progress, but it also should be more evident on the field. Griffin is rebuilding his game.”

~ John Keim, Ten Observations, Redskins-Ravens,



Redskins at Ravens: ouch

That was painful.  Now the sky falls. Hard to see the Redskins NOT going 0-3 to start this season.  This O-line doesn’t stand a chance against Watt and Clowney.  Then they will be shocked by how good the Jaguars have become.  No chance to beat the Eagles – they are not in the same stratosphere […]


The best new pick for the Redskins in 2014 – hands down

Through the preseason games, a pick has emerged as the best pick of the year for Redskins – Jay Gruden. From a management point of view, Gruden is a walking business school lesson. Some of his brilliant managerial moves: He has lowered expectations for RG3 for both RG3 and the fans that are sensible and […]

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Browns at Redskins: Slide, RGIII, and throw the ball away, too

By now, Jim Zorn would have bought a Slip and Slide and put Robert Griffin III through sliding drills. Zorn got the job as Redskins OC because Jim Fassel told Mr. Snyder that Zorn was innovative like that. Whatever Jay Gruden is doing to coach RG on the art of sliding doesn’t seem to be […]

What made Johnny Football so mad?

“Perhaps (Manziel) was mad at his offensive line for sending him scrambling like a chicken with his head cut off. Maybe he was mad at the playcall. Maybe a member of the Redskins was smack talking him. Maybe he’s just sick of Brian Hoyer.” 

~ Will Brinson,, writing about Manziel flipping the bird to the Redskins bench in the third quarter of the Browns at Redskins preseason game last night.


Boys will be boys. ~ Hog Heaven

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RGIII, Johnny Football and the NFL circle of life

I swear there are only 687 people in the whole world. If you live long enough, you meet those same people all over again throughout life. In moving through your chosen career field, you move in the same professional circle. Take the Redskins and the Browns, for example. Monday’s preseason game shows just how closely entwined […]

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Redskins Special Teams: The Roster Battlefront to watch this preseason

This post contributed by Scott Hirsch. Now that the dust is settling and Gruden has been straightforward about several roster spots (i.e. Grant and Robinson are almost definitely locks at WR), what are the key battles to watch? In a nutshell, many of the remaining spots will be determined on Special Teams.  And it’s not […]

eagles redskins (600x400) Redskins good for 8 wins in 2014

Hog Heaven has not released its official projection of Redskins wins for the season, but our “feels like” guesstimate is eight, maybe nine, wins. But then, we thinks the ‘Skins should have won seven games last year even with Kirk Cousins at quarterback. With most sports books projecting an over/under of 7.5 wins, it “feels […]