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Fact Checking WaPOST’s Fact Checker on ‘RedskinsFacts.com’

Only in Washington and only for the Redskins is a business fighting a public relations onslaught criticized for hiring a p.r. firm to fund a web site to tell its side of the story. The Washington POST’s Fact Checker took aim at RedskinsFacts.com. The site’s very name is an invitation to crawl under the covers […]


Redskins 2014: Get ready for The Year of the Screen

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch. Did you hear that Brandon Meriweather is retiring after his first full year of only clean tackles? His head isn’t into it anymore. Seriously, there are four top things that will make or break this season for the Redskins.  The first is getting lucky on the injury issue (just […]


Chip Kelly opens up on DeSean Jackson, what that means to the Redskins

Finally, an honest football reason why the Eagles cut DeSean Jackson. When I say “honest,” I’m using a figure of speech. I’m not sure that Chip Kelly isn’t snowing us. Redskins fans should pay attention, however. DJax did not open up the Eagles offense for other players, says Kelly. “I think most people played us in single […]

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3 reasons why Jay Gruden will be more successful than Mike Shanahan

No. 1: Gruden is not Mike Shanahan Well yeah, there’s nowhere else to go but up. There is much more to it, though. In announcing Shanahan’s departure, GM Bruce Allen made a vague reference to the need for a coach attuned to the new practice rules baked into the current CBA. It was a backhand […]


5 things RGIII has this year he did not have last year

Hog Heaven looks forward to the day when we gloats over the Redskins’ 2014 winning season. Washington is at the bottom of every list made by unwashed heathen outside of DC. Most of them pundits who draw straight-line projections from 2013 into this year. They are wrong. The Redskins will have a good, if not […]

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Get your Redskins Hog Heaven updates right here

Redskins training camp is about to open (HAIL), so now is a good time to remind you how to get Hog Heaven 2014 updates. First, we are no longer using the app found on our site in 2012. If you have the old Notice Software app on your mobile device, uninstall that bad boy now. […]

RGIII: The more things change, the more they stay the same

“I think having two years’ experience running an offense, a pro-level offense, West Coast type, this is very similar. So it’s not been as tough as you might think. But all the concepts translate over. They might be called something different. But the reads are similar. It’s just about the philosophy of the coach. Jay has a little bit different philosophy. We’ll find out what that is on Sundays.”


~ Robert Griffin III


Redskins surprise cut #3: The end of the (O) line will not be a TyPo

This story submitted by Scott Hirsch For true Redskins’ fans, one of the most offensive parts of the Redskins is not the name but the play of the Offensive Line. Gruden basically  went so far as to say ‘calm down, folks!’ suggesting he may keep more starters than Trent Williams. The reality appears that Gruden […]