Trademark Board throws Redskins for a loss, but the game is not over

You knew this was coming, Redskins fans. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board today cancelled the federal registration of The Redskins® trademark. The Trademark Board has telegraphed its biased animus toward the brand for over a year. It ruled against the Redskins in 1999 before the U.S. District Court slapped them down. The media screams […]

Jon Gruden: “I love the Redskins”

“I love football, and I love global franchises like the Redskins, and I love football fans. And I really love what Coach Gibbs stands for. If I can be half the man he is, I’ll be very proud.”

~ Former NFL coach and ESPN football analyst Jon Gruden at a Youth for Tomorrow banquet honoring Joe Gibbs in May 2014. Reported on DC Sports Bog

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How Sean Taylor’s gruesome death changed everything

Justice came seven years late for Sean Taylor’s family, friends and fans. A Miami-Dade County jury found Jason Mitchell guilty of murder for Tailor’s death. Mitchell is the convicted ringleader of the gang that burgled Taylor’s home and fatally shot him when he confronted them in defense of his family. News reports of this trial […]

Moss vs Colts

Redskins Surprise Cuts #2: A Rolling Stone gathers no (Santana) Moss

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch. Many people were on the fence about whether Santana Moss would be cut or not. Recent ‘rave’ comments by coach Gruden about the veteran have made many believe that Moss will make the roster. There was however one comment that slipped into that rave that is a major red […]

Everyone tries to bait DeSean Jackson into flaming the Eagles

The latest example came on the NFL Network’s Total Access last night.

The question: When you line up against the Eagles, are you ready to show them they made a mistake?

“I think about that every time I step on the field, especially with the legacy I have in Philadelphia and the things I’ve done for that organization. I left back a lot there, but I have to take it to D.C. now where we’re out here in Washington and I think there are some great players in addition to myself with Pierre, Santana, J-Reed, Alfred Morris, so the list continues.

“Here we have a group of guys that’s young, that’s energized, and that wants to win. And two years ago they won our division, so they’re familiar with that, but when that game comes, all I’m going to say is I’m going to do my thing and I’m going to put up what I need to put up. So I ain’t going to give nobody no extra things to talk about, but you know I’m going to do what I need to do.”

~ I’m ready to turn it up against the Eagles

Redskins fans hope so.


Redskins surprise cuts #1: You say Helu, I say Goodbye

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch. Every analyst I have read about the running back position says the main decision is basically Roy Helu Jr. vs. Chris Thompson.  The thinking is that since Thompson isn’t durable, Helu wins. I believe Gruden is thinking about it in terms of Roy Helu Jr. vs. Darrell Young.  Darrell […]

RGIII has a new look and it makes me smile

“Robert Griffin III looked drastically different than he did at this point last year – as he was just getting used to moving around again – and noticeably different even than he did at many points last season.

“Griffin on Thursday just looked more fluid, more comfortable and confident. Critics last year said that Griffin didn’t step into his throws as much, although he always refuted such claims. But today, he definitely planted on his back leg, stepped into throws and drove the ball downfield.”

~ Mike Jones, Observations from Thursday’s practice, The Washington Post.

That is news we expected to hear and it is news we needed to hear. Griffin is the straw that stirs the drink for the Redskins. They will go as far as he carries them. Hog Heaven believes the ‘Skins will challenge for the division. We make no projection beyond that, now.


“He’s matured.” ~ Pierre Garcon speaking about RGIII on sports talk radio yesterday.

DeSean Jackson has always been a nemesis to the Washington Redskins

DeSean Jackson injures hamstring and other breathless Redskins news

Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson tweaked his hamstring while running a deep pattern during practice this afternoon. Afterward, he received attention by trainers. Sports talk radio treated it like a semi-major injury. In May, stuff like this does not register as a “concern.” T Morgan Moses signed his rookie contract yesterday. All eight drafted rookies […]

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Here is what comes next for the Redskins

Here is the offseason schedule for the Washington Redskins, courtesy of John Keim, May 27-29: Organized team activities. The media will be allowed to watch Thursday’s workout. June 2-4: Organized team activities. The media can watch on June 4. June 9-12: The Redskins will conduct four OTA workouts this week (every team can have up to 10 […]

The Redskins are in no hurry to sign Brian Orakpo to a new deal.

7 reasons why the Redskins defense will be better this year

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch The Redskins need to dramatically improve their defense this year (and not just of the defense of their name against those that in their naiveté would end up ethnically cleansing Native Americans from American consciousness.  BTW, has anyone quoted statistics of attacks against Native Americans in the DMV area […]


The Redskins strike back against Senate name changers. 4 Great things about Bruce Allen’s response.

Hog Heaven is pleasantly surprised by the Washington Redskins’ response to the Senate Democratic moralists’ attempt to guilt the team into changing its name. (I lean Democratic. I get to call my children ugly.) Here are four signs the Redskins are getting better defending themselves: 1) Swift response. The Senate Democrats addressed their letter to […]


Morocco Browns to Cleveland front office is loss for Washington

Every NFL team has a put-down name. For the Cleveland franchise it is the Clowns. Hog Heaven is not laughing now that Cleveland stole the Redskins’ former director of pro player personnel Morocco Brown to the No. 2 spot in their front office. How could Morocco refuse an offer from a team named for him? […]

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The Redskins steal of the Draft

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch. We are in the NFL “American Idol” stage of the season.  We are all hoping for a steal in the draft to emerge to somehow give the Redskins some extra advantage. It’s not just the fans; it’s the players too.  That’s why some players are calling DeSean Jackson the […]