News to some Redskins fans: Orakpo loss a “major blow”

“His production may not be where people think it should be but he’s still been playing very good against the run and has been disruptive in the passing game and that will be a big loss.”

~ Jay Gruden speaking of Brian Orakpo

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

2011 Draft shows Jerry Jones may be the smartest owner in the NFC East

One of the joys of being an NFL fan is to laugh at Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder. It’s no laughing matter to Cowboys and Redskins fans. We see those owners as the biggest obstacle to their team’s success. The Cowboys’ eye-opening 5-1 start appears to be linked to their Draft strategy, which may change […]


What next for the Washington Redskins? Read this.

Just when you think the Redskins could not get any worse, they open the season 1-5. Fans have the luxury of giving into despair. Players do not. There are 10 games left. Time enough to prove that a down team is not OUT. Here’s what key players can do right now to make things better. […]

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Redskins tickets 41% below season average for Sunday’s game vs Titans

Kirk Cousins hasn’t been able to win games in the wake of a Robert Griffin III injury and time is running out for both him and the Washington Redskins. Head coach Jay Gruden has already stated that RG3 will return as the starter once healthy, which leaves Cousins as a lame duck for the next […]

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Ticket prices down 14% For Redskins’ visit to Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals’ magical undefeated ride ended in Week 6 with a loss to the Denver Broncos. In Week 6, they’ll look to get back up, dust themselves off and try to get to 4-1. The hope is quarterback Carson Palmer is back under center after missing three straight games with a nerve issue in […]

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A look at the upcoming Redskins schedule

It was just a little less than two weeks ago that Washington Redskins fans were praising backup quarterback Kirk Cousins and calling for him to be the long-term starter over Robert Griffin III. Oh, the difference time can make. After a dreadful week four showing and an okay performance this past Monday evening against the […]

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The Real Story Behind the Seattle Loss

It’s not that Redskins season is over (it is). It’s not that the Redskins still need to find their identity (they have one – they are a very good, bad team). It’s not that the Offensive Line is the weak link of the team (everyone knows it is). The real story behind the scenes was […]


Kirk Cousins vs. Russell Wilson: College Edition

Before Kirk Cousins dueled Russell Wilson in the NFL (Cousins stepped in for an injured RGIII in that infamous 2012 playoff game), they shared a remarkable duel in the Michigan State – Wisconsin series. I have an academic attachment to both schools and watched these games with great fascination. My rooting interest is more Spartans […]

Redskins season all but over?

Editor’s note: Hog Heaven contributor Scott Hirsch vents his frustration.


Every NFC East team that played today has won, and every one of those teams looked light years better than the Redskins.

The “we have the talent ” quote ends Monday night.



Washington can use some good news before the Seahawks fly in

Hog Heaven hates Giants, no matter what coast they hail from. The Nationals can’t score more than three runs in 27 innings of trying. To make the NLCS, the Nats must win three of three from the baseball Giants. We’ve read this script before. That Thursday night beat down by the football Giants feels as […]

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Redskins special teams: it’s coverage, stupid. Out of the box answers?

Redskins fans are dissatisfied with special teams  ̶  dissatisfied with everything right now. Special teams frustrated fans the most for a very long time. Kickers and returners catch fan’s ire. But, folks, coverage is the devil. Defense is how teams win possession, but special teams is how teams win field position. The Redskins were in […]

Ryan Clark: Redskins have to want it more than the Seahawks

“You’re a 3-13 team last year, you’re a 1-2 team going into the Giants’ game. That’s personal. That’s the way some people in this locker room looked at it. It was a terrible sense of entitlement. I can’t make a man want it. I can’t make a man understand how he’s supposed to work or approach his game. All I can do is approach them all the same, like it’s the last one I play.”

~ Ryan Clark found here.

Antrel Rolle: Kirk Cousins folds under pressure

“It was the pressure up front. When you slow the tape down and you watch how we got after those guys up front, it was phenomenal. … And one thing that our coaches put a point of emphasis on is when this guy doesn’t have pressure, his passer rating is 100-something, but when he has that pressure and he gets pressure in his face, his passing rating went all the way down to like 60-something.”

~ Giants CB Antrel Rolle quote from