Justice for Sean Taylor begins. Live Tweets and stream of murder trial.

The Sean Taylor murder trial finally begins. Miami Herald crime reporter David Ovale (@DavidOvalle305) is live tweeting the trial of accused shooter Eric Rivera, Jr. We are posting a selection of his tweets with the warning that some of them are quite graphic.   Jackie Garcia recalls the fear of that night. "Sean woke me […]

Robert Griffin III, please shhhhh

Robert Griffin III couldn't say anything wrong last season. Now it's hard for him to say anything right. Maybe Donovan McNabb had a point in his advice for RGIII to tone down his public comments. The wrong people are noticing. In this latest exciting episode, Griffin said during his press conference Wednesday that he tried […]

Hog Heaven Prediction: Redskins will get right against the Bears

Hog Heaven has to write about Redskins-Bears. There is good news at the end of this post like light at the end of the tunnel. We have to speak some truth before getting there. It's been tough to write about The Redskins after the Cowboys game. We would have been forced to write about what's […]

The comeuppance of Robert Griffin III

Overcoming adversity is essential to growth. Robert Griffin III is growing before our eyes. It must be galling for him to see favorable highlights of Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, two players who avoided injury last year and have their teams in the thick of the playoff hunt now. They tie Luck to Wilson they […]

Sitting on the Shanahan contract extension fense

    Many of us are sitting on the fense about Mike Shanahan!  I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt for a while.    The rest of the season will ultimately give a final verdict on a contract extension for him.   There is no question Shanahan has made huge blunders.  He hasn't […]

“Bentley” returns to Alfred Morris. Start Morris on all fantasy teams.

As sure as Samson found strength in his hair, Alfred Morris and the Redskins ground game needed his car. Morris proudly owns a 1991 Mazda 626 that teammates nicknamed Bentley when he joined the Washington Redskins last year when he rushed for over 1,600 yards. Mazda offered to refurbish the car, so Morris has been […]

No compromise on Redskins, but Red Cloud was a pretty cool dude

Redskins Hog heaven won't give an inch on the Washington Redskins team name. I admit to being recalcitrant on the subject. A publicist invited us to promote a story on a major publication about a contest for commercial artists on the next team name for Washington's football team.  Hog Heaven not only would not plug […]

Redskins vs. Cowboys 8-step success formula

After we get past the ethnic cleansing 'Cowboys' name (certainly the most offensive NFL team name to a real Indian), let's do some quick hitters on how the Redskins can win. 1) Kyle Shanahan needs to assume the Redskins cannot convert on 3rd down, especially the first half.  We need to see 1st and 2nd […]

The Redskins are cornered. Will they find relief in Dallas?

It feels like the Redskins are on the brink, but they are not.  Not by the numbers, anyway. They lost six times last season and won the division. A team could win the NFC Least with eight losses. Washington could "give" three to five losses in the next twelve games  and still make the playoffs. […]

Would Obama say that to the Blackhawks? And another app reminder

We answer the questions you send us from those handheld thingies. MESSAGE HOG HEAVEN RESPONSE I wished obama would fix the nation ,before he tries to change a team name. As an African-American, Democratic-leaning Redskins fan, me too. It's been noted that the president did not raise the issue. He answered a question. He tried […]


Dan Snyder’s message to Redskins fans about the name we love

Washington Redskins team owner Daniel Snyder email fans his comments about the team name. Redskins Hog Heaven received the letter and we post it in its entirety. Hail to US! _________________________ October 9, 2013 To Everyone in our Washington Redskins Nation: As loyal fans, you deserve to know that everyone in the Washington Redskins organization […]

Redskins name-changers and modern Anti-Semitism

I believe the recent flair up on the Redskins name is a function of two issues. One is the recent success and resurgence of the Redskins with RG3 last year that brought the Redskins back into the spotlight. The other is that Redskins have a Jewish owner. Yes, I believe there is some anti-Semitism involved here even […]


More fans need to stand up for the Redskins team name

Hog Heaven has referred to Daniel Snyder as "Mr. Snyder" since that great day when Mike Shanahan pulled off the deal with the Rams that landed us Robert Griffin III.  I am positively warming up to the man since he took his stand on the team name.   The chutzpah that so infuriated fans in […]

Pierre Garcon vs. Regis Philbin caught on tape

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon appeared on the Regis Philbin show recently. I missed it, but a reader going by donkeybrahster tipped me off. Here's a video of one of the segments. Our Pierre is a real good sport. Enjoy.

Redskins at the Break: a general, wide-ranging analysis

You probably heard: the Washington Redskins did not get off to the kind of start they had planned. Washington had not begun any season 0-3 in more than a decade, and any start that has anyone making sunny day comparisions to the 2001 Redskins is not an ideal situation. With the start out of the […]

Kyle Shanahan doesn’t know the Redskins secret formula for sucess

Finally the Redskins have a victory. True, it was against the second stringers of one of the bottom five teams in the NFL, but they will take it. Given the sad showing of the NFC East, the Redskins somehow have a glimmer of hope.  To have any chances, the Redskins are going to have to […]

5 Commandments of pocket passers for RGIII

Now we know. For awhile at least, Robert Griffin III is going to be a pocket passer as his knee fully recuperates. This is the first time in his career that he will be a committed pocket-passing game manager.  Get used to it. RG is too busy to read Hog Heaven. He shouldn't be taking […]

RG Oh and Three

Let's call it now that we can clearly see it in retrospect – last year's 7 in a row win streak was a sports miracle.  A mediocre to bad team inspired by the hope of a new day with a new athletic QB somehow pulled together and beat teams with better players and coaches than […]

Robert Griffin III, Single threat quarterback

Opposing teams show no fear of Robert Griffin III running the ball. RGIII shows less inclination to do so. Griffin ran 15 times this season, mostly from the Redskins' conventional offense. He ran 33 times for three scores in the first three games last year. Even when the Redskins ran the read option, the ball […]

Hog Heaven says Redskins over Lions, but that’s more hope than prediction

Hog Heaven previews upcoming Redskins games by comparing the only three stats fans need to know: QB Passer Rating Differential Third-down Stops Turnovers Cold Hard Football Facts and other stat masters point out the high correlation of the difference in QB rating and wins. My statistics professor would blanche if I said that the 0.7 […]

How Haz lost his Jazz

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett has complicated schemes that work with major substitutions and is actually much better than it looks so far.  The trick to beating Haz is a hurry up offense, because the Redskins plain vanilla, every down defense is the worst in the league. Enjoy this story? Like it on Facebook and […]