Smoke and fire ‒ Volume of noise rises about Robert Griffin III

What in the name of Redskins football is going on around here? Before training camp, Hog Heaven read a few whispers that some Redskins players weren't that happy with Robert Griffin III. They felt he cost them their best chance for a playoff win by remaining in the Seahawks game in the second half. Not […]

Kirk Cousins stuck in neutral. Why that’s bad for the Redskins.

Kirk Cousins must look at the career trajectory of Nick Foles with envy. Cousins isn't that type. He is devout and he believes that The Lord guided his path to Washington to back up Robert Griffin III. A weaker man (me) would shout out, "Why, oh Lord, am I not in Philadelphia?" Cousins and Foles […]

Mike Shanahan, yes or no?

I got your back, Mike. One of the joys of sports it that anyone can solve deep problems with snap judgments based on superficial thinking. Fans! What can you do about them? Nine games after everyone was ready to extend Mike Shanahan's contract, a sizeable segment of Redskins fans want to fire him, if only […]

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Native American fan tells why he is Blackfeet Strong, Redskins Proud

  This letter is from a Blackfeet-American who is a better Washington Redskins fan than you or I. Read it. Dear America, My name is Robert Rides At The Door (aka Robert Doore) and I am enrolled Blackfeet and of Sioux Indian decent.   In order to understand my story, you must know my history.   I […]

Save the Redskins

Native Americans speak up for the Redskins name

Mike Wise declines to post a link to his newspaper's story, NFL executives meet with Oneida Indian who supports Redskins name, so we post a link to the story and quote excerpts here. ”National Football League executives spoke Friday to an Oneida Indian who told them he was not offended by the name of Washington’s […]

Vikings must love to see Redskins on the schedule

  At this rate, the Vikings will be on the Redskins' schedule next year. Washington and Minnesota have shown a disturbing tendency to  make the playoffs or to sink to the division lower half at the same time. The 'Skins and Vikes have met four times in the last four years. The Redskins have been […]

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A discouraged Minnesota fan looks at Redskins vs. Vikings.

  Redskins Hog Heaven enjoys the back and forth with our Bloguin colleague Purple Jesus Diaries who blogs the Minnesota Vikings, often in a profanely funny way.  For the fourth time in as many seasons, we ask PJD about the Vikings. We also answered his questions about the Redskins. Click HERE to go and see. […]

Teetering on the Redskins season cliff

  Like last season, I again suggest a Surgeon General warning for Redskins fans due to the cardiac risk that watching their games entails.   This season was 24 inches away from being completely over.   Now that there is a pulse, however slight, let's lay out some post game notes.   1) Kyle finally […]

Defense, Darrel Young play big in Redskins 30-24 win over Bolts

Bottom Line: Redskins find their grit from somewhere deep inside The 3-5 Washington Redskins played a complete game against the visiting Chargers for only the second or third time this season and they did it with season left to save. The 'Skins won the game when either the players, or the coaches, or both, figured out, […]

Time to bench RGIII? I think not

It's Thursday, of course, but we won't let that stop us from answering this message from one of those handheld thingies. It's too fresh to wait for next Wednesday when we gather them up to answer at once. MESSAGE HOG HEAVEN RESPONSE Redskins need more practice tackling and stop playing scared take rg out   put […]