Mad Men, Redskins Edition ‒ Where the Truth Lies

Train Wreck: The morning after RG3Gate…. Is Mike Shanahan a lying liar who lies? Not so fast, cowboy. Hog Heaven's meek, mild-mannered alter ego found career success selling capital equipment for the world's largest computer technology company. One lesson learned that he wants you to know is that customers lie. They don't share the truth […]

Griffin and Cousins and Shanny and Danny, Oh My! RGIII benched.

Picture Donovan McNabb thinking, "Oh NOW the kid wants to talk." Robert Griffin III  is benched. Kirk Cousins will start for the Redskins for the rest of the season. It was at this point in the 2010 season, with three games to go, that Mike Shanahan benched McNabb for Rex Grossman. It gives us a […]

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Name haters get a “two-fer” with Chiefs at Redskins

Because when you don't want to think about the Redskins game prospects, you can always talk about the name controversy. When the Chiefs visit the Redskins at FedEx Field today, the name protesters will have a two-for-one opportunity to malign two team names. I wonder if they have the nerve to show up on a […]

Chris Cooley looks at Giants-Redskins, then kicks butts & names names

Former Redskins star tight end Chris Cooley joined ESPN 980 "Redskins Radio" this fall during the afternoon drive time. Capt. Chaos translates well as a radio personality. Redskins fans hold him in high regard, so when he speaks, people listen. Cooley introduced a new segment today where he grades Washington's performance in recent games after […]

Griffin Struggles In His Second Year as Redskins’ playoff hope officially ends

After an extraordinary first year with quarterback Robert Griffin in front of the offense, the Redskins had very high expectations for this season, but after 12 games, they have to start thinking about 2014. At the beginning of the season, the odds for repeating the title were pretty good and in they were favorites, […]

Boycott the NFL and play blues guitar this winter We all know we should have boycotted the NFL with the travesty of unfairness known as the salary cap penalty.  With the excitement of RG3 coming to the Redskins, we just couldn't control ourselves.   Now that the Redskins are one of the worst teams if not the worst team in the NFL, we […]

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Why the Redskins will beat the Giants

I could be trolling for hits with that headline. Actually, I'm psyching myself and Hog Heaven readers that the Redskins have a shot tonight. And they do, for three reasons. 1.       The Redskins are playing at home 2.       Robert Griffin III is having a better year than Eli Manning 3.       The Redskins defense is stingy […]

Mobile Report Wednesday: C’mon, Redskins. Try something. Do anything.

Fan wants Redskins to try something new. We haven't had a message from those hand-held thingies for awhile, but one came in this evening. We are putting this up before shutting down for the holiday. MESSAGE HOG HEAVEN RESPONSE Hey guys practice every day have trick plays we have to win rest of the  games. […]

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Kyle Shanahan moonlights as an Obamacare website programmer

  Nepotism failed on the Obamacare website (a hefty $500 million contract was awarded to a friend of Michelle Obama without the standard request for other supplier bids), and it has failed the Washington Redskins offense.   Snyder needs to make an ultimatum to Mike Shanahan – fire Kyle now or pack your bags with […]

Redskins vs. The Giants and The Chiefs: An Astrological Analysis!

The NFL season is well past the half-way mark and these last few weeks are crucial for locking up those playoff bids and tickets to the postseason party. Though the Redskins have not had the most promising season thus far, their divisional competitors may still leave the door wide open, enabling any team with the […]