The Shanahans Have as Much At Stake As Rex Grossman in Dallas Game

[picapp] Rex Grossman is not the only man whose reputation is on the line. Kyle Shanahan has as much at stake as Sexy Rexy. Young Kyle’s judgment as a talent evaluator is on the line for believing that he can get more in his offense from Grossman than Donovan McNabb or Jason Campbell. He is […]

Asked and Answered: Redskins Rex Their Future With Grossman..

[picapp] Wow!. Just wow! The Washington Redskins are no longer in on the Donovan McNabb campaign. Pull all those posters from the Metro buses. Just yesterday, we noted the rumors that Washington Redskins back-up quarterback Rex Grossman might see action at some point of the year. Redskins Hog Heaven even put forth the thought that […]

Should The Redskins Rex Their Future With Grossman?

[picapp] Jay Glazer, Chris Mortensen and other media types are reporting that the Washington Redskins might start back-up quarterback Rex Grossman against the Dallas Cowboys. The team denies it, but it’s the talk of the town. On first blush, you would think that Grossman for Donovan McNabb is a bad idea. Well, hold your horses, […]

Redskins vs Bucs Defensive Review: The Old Guys Come to Play

In the Redskins first game post-Albert Haynesworth, it would have been an absolute travesty if this group had forgotten to show up for a second straight week.  Luckily, if only for this week, the Redskins defense solved these fears that I had, enjoying their best game all season as a run defense unit, and having […]

Albert Haynesworth To Report To Redskins on January 3. Wanna Bet?

[picapp] Dan Steinberg of DC Pro Sports Bog tweets “Bruce Allen says [Albert] Haynesworth is expected to report to Skins Park when his suspension ends on Jan. 3. Can’t wait.” Ah, but will he stay? Everyone on the roster reports to the team at the end of the season. It’s a mandatory event. Otherwise, we […]

Redskins’ Brandon Banks and Wizards’ John Wall Are Homies

[picapp] This is amazing. Today’s Washington Posts carries the story that Washington Redskins punt returner Brandon Banks and Washington Wizards guard John Wall are childhood friends. I am fond of saying that there are only 687 people in the whole world. After awhile, you meet them all again. What happens, of course, is that your […]

Is this the Worst Redskins Team of the Dan Snyder Era?

It’s too early to write off the last four games of this season as a team that is just playing out the stretch with no intent to improve, but in the first 12 games of this season, the 5-7 Washington Redskins have been every bit as bad as a Redskins team has ever been since […]

Redskins vs Giants Offensive Review: First and Error

For the life of me, I can’t see what the Redskins don’t like about Keiland Williams as a runner.  He’s really good at it.  Maybe it’s a scheme thing.  We’ve now had 4 different running backs carry the ball at least 15 times on this team, none of whom more effectively than Keiland Williams has […]

Redskins Right on Albert Haynesworth, Wrong on Timing

[picapp] The Washington Redskins suspended Albert Haynesworth, their recalcitrant defensive lineman, for the four remaining games of the season. Haynesworth was inactive for Sunday’s game with the New York Giants after being late for a team practice or meeting. I’m not sure with so many versions of this story going around. CSN Washington sports reporter […]

What To Do About Albert Haynesworth?

[picapp] Washington Redskins DL Albert Haynesworth was deactivated for the Giants game yesterday for an undisclosed, at the time, illness. It turns out that the “illness” was a slight case of procrastination. Haynesworth and others say that he was two minutes late for a team meeting Friday. Haynesworth says that he was sick. An exasperated […]

Shanahan Not Available for Broncos Head Coach Vacancy

[picapp] Maybe Sherm Lewis wasn’t available. The Denver Broncos fired head coach Josh McDaniels today according to stories on ESPN and elsewhere. the loss comes one week after team owner Pat Bowlen gave McDaniels a vote of confidence after the team discovered that a team videographer  secretly tamed a San Francisco 49er practice. The NFL […]

Why The Redskins Once Needed Dandy Don Meredith

Don Meredith passed away Sunday. If you are a football fan of a certain age, Meredith was the Dandy Don of the Monday Night Football trio of Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford and Meredith.  A generation of fans grew up with MNF, when Monday was the biggest night of football. If you are my age, Meredith […]

Nothing Left But Sarcasm for Redskins After Giant 31-7 Beatdown

[picapp] Ah, the tweets you can tweet on those hand-held thingies. There’s a cliché about laughing to keep from crying. Gallows humor is as old as the French Revolution. With Twitter and PDAs, we get to see it as the authors tweet it. Today’s Redskins – Giants game was so bad that the Washington sports […]

Mike Shanahan: Denver’s Loss is Washington’s Gain

[picapp] Here’s an oddity to chew on. After a full season and 11 games, the Denver Broncos are 11-16 under new coach Josh McDaniels. That’s the exact record Jim Zorn had at the same point in his head coach career with the Washington Redskins. Credit where it’s due. McDaniels coaches an exciting passing game. It […]

Know Your Enemy: A New York Giants Scouting Report

This Giants team isn’t like some of the recent Giants teams we’ve seen.  These Giants turn it over a lot: 22.4% of their possessions, worst in the NFL.  The Redskins defense gets turnovers on 14% of it’s possessions, which is average.  If these trends hold, the Redskins should be able to expect to force at […]

Your Giants Questions Answered by Ultimate NYG

[picapp] The Washington Redskins take on division rival New York Giants at the New Meadowlands Sunday. We asked Andrew Furman to answer a few questions about the G-men for us. Andrew covers the Giants for Ultimate NYG on the network. Our answers to Andrew’s questions are posted on Ultimate NYG. Redskins Hog Heaven: The […]

Redskins vs Vikings Defensive Review: Is First Down the Worst Down?

There were a couple of issues in this game that hadn’t surfaced to date with the defensive unit.  A banged up Carlos Rogers allowed three consecutive completions for first downs before he left the game with a hamstring injury.  London Fletcher read more than one running play wrong, and not just when Adrian Peterson was […]

About Redskins Hog Heaven

Redskins Hog Heaven is an independent web log that covers the Washington Redskins NFL team. We were founded on the old Most Valuable Network, later, for the 2003 NFL season. MVN was a pioneer of the concept of a network of blogs covering every professional sports teams powered by a cadre of citizen journalists. […]

This NFL Season Could Only Happen On Mad Men

Do you suppose the gods of football sit around the scheduling table with the script writers from Mad Men and think up ways to add melodrama to the season? I’m sure of it. They must. How else to explain the theater that is the 2010 NFL? Two of the league’s gold plated coaches, Mike Shanahan […]