Game 1 Recap: Redskins drop High-Scoring Contest to Eagles

Did you take the over on this one?  Did anyone not? Even those of us who were expecting points weren't prepared for the 25-spot the Eagles put up in the first half on the Redskins at FedEx Field.  As is usually the case with Week 1 games, the loss drops the Redskins to 0-1.  The […]

A barely not-too-late Redskins season preview

The Washington Redskins open their season in less than an hour, and there is hardly any time left to log any thoughts on this team that haven't been made by many others over the past eight months.  This is the very last opportunity I have to violate common sense and make a bunch of predictions […]

Leonard Hankerson is still a key player for the Redskins season

Leonard Hankerson is having an inconsistent training camp. This according to eyewitness reports out of training camp, by John Keim and others.  Keim deemed Hankerson's concentration issues a "turn-the-head-upfield-before-you-catch" issue.  Keim went as far as to say that the Redskins once considered Hankerson a long term no. 2 receiver, but now looks like a no. […]

Dents in the armor of the traditional NFL superpowers

In doing some preliminary work for my 2013 NFL projections, there was a major trend that kept showing up on a division by division basis that will shape the landscape of the NFL season and should have an (positive?) effect on the Redskins, who on their own merits look a lot like last year's team. […]

Where does Mike Shanahan stand heading into year 4?

If on the day Jim Zorn was fired, Bruce Allen had come down from the front office and was able to provide the following guarantees about his first three years on the job: The Redskins would win the NFC East one out of three years The Redskins quarterback would win the offensive rookie of the […]

Identifying Potential Points of Weakness on the 2013 Redskins

In which the author unnecessarily and critically picks at the Redskins roster to find areas that can improve over the next three months leading up to the season. 1) The Redskins aren't well hedged against the career years they enjoyed in 2012 This is perhaps the most serious issue for the Redskins for this upcoming […]

16 Thoughts on the Redskins Draft and the Balance of Power in the NFC

I have 16 thoughts on the NFL draft, all relating in someway to the Redskins situation, but not every thought is about the Redskins.  To be honest, this article would be much harder to write if I focused on what was a mostly expected draft by the Redskins.  So we'll start in Washington, bounce around […]

Redskins 2013 Schedule Reaction

5 primetime games.  Take that, Dallas. Okay, so the Redskins have had somewhat mixed results with primetime games, and to be honest, we can learn a lot more from the schedule than simply how we'll need to plan our weeks to watch the Redskins.  Here are some critical observations as the NFL kicks off the […]

On DeAngelo Hall and Contract Value

The Washington Redskins re-signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week to a 1-year, $1.25 million contract with $1 million available in NLTBE (not likely to be earned) incentives based on "pro bowl appearance and playing time."  This is a really good value contract for the Redskins if they can get something out of Hall this year, […]

Checking in on division rivals: are the Eagles rebuilding, or contending?

The NFL's dirtiest secret used to be that the salary cap didn't matter.  Back in 2007, 2008, and 2009, the cap would increase so steeply every year, that a perennially cap-tight franchise like the Redskins could give out massive contracts to Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall, and not measurably change their cap situation.  The cap […]

Antoine Winfield would be a great signing by the Redskins

The Minnesota Vikings released cornerback Antoine Winfield earlier this month in what amounted to a true cap relief move: specifically choosing 27 year old right tackle Phil Loadholt over the soon-to-be 36 year old corner.  The Vikings want Winfield back, but the 14 year veteran is not lacking for suitors and will have his choice […]

Redskins best options at safety may be internal

The Washington Redskins will enter the month of April with five safeties under contract who have experience starting NFL games.  That does not include Madieu Williams, who the Redskins will allow to walk as an unrestricted free agent, nor does it include Jordan Bernstine, the Redskins' seventh round pick from 2012 who missed the entire […]