On DeAngelo Hall and Contract Value

The Washington Redskins re-signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week to a 1-year, $1.25 million contract with $1 million available in NLTBE (not likely to be earned) incentives based on "pro bowl appearance and playing time."  This is a really good value contract for the Redskins if they can get something out of Hall this year, […]

Checking in on division rivals: are the Eagles rebuilding, or contending?

The NFL's dirtiest secret used to be that the salary cap didn't matter.  Back in 2007, 2008, and 2009, the cap would increase so steeply every year, that a perennially cap-tight franchise like the Redskins could give out massive contracts to Albert Haynesworth and DeAngelo Hall, and not measurably change their cap situation.  The cap […]

Antoine Winfield would be a great signing by the Redskins

The Minnesota Vikings released cornerback Antoine Winfield earlier this month in what amounted to a true cap relief move: specifically choosing 27 year old right tackle Phil Loadholt over the soon-to-be 36 year old corner.  The Vikings want Winfield back, but the 14 year veteran is not lacking for suitors and will have his choice […]

Redskins best options at safety may be internal

The Washington Redskins will enter the month of April with five safeties under contract who have experience starting NFL games.  That does not include Madieu Williams, who the Redskins will allow to walk as an unrestricted free agent, nor does it include Jordan Bernstine, the Redskins' seventh round pick from 2012 who missed the entire […]

Deeper inside the offseason plan: the Linebackers

The linebacker level is the very core of Jim Haslett's defensive scheme.  And with today's news that London Fletcher is "leaning towards retirement," (team spin for they're not keeping him at his cap number) the linebacker level goes from a strength to a relative weakness. Position Priority Level: High The problem is that Fletcher had […]

Deeper inside the offseason plan: the Wide Receivers

The Redskins successfully sorted out the troublesome wide receiver position last year.  It's a position that had given observers fits over the last decade and a half.  The last true competent receiving corps the team had enjoyed happened during the Norv Turner/Terry Robiskie era.  The Redskins thought they had the position figured out in 2006 […]

Deeper inside the offseason plan: the Secondary

I'll begin these deeper looks inside the Washington Redskins' offseason plan by evaluating the players current on the roster at the position, then suggesting a course of action that the team take. Position Priority Level: Medium I think the Redskins need to be honest with themselves as to how much they should reasonably invest in […]

Hold Robert Griffin to a critical standard in the second half

Robert Griffin III has been the best thing to come to the Washington Redskins in a long time.  But as we watch the second half of his rookie campaign, we must be careful not to give him too many accolades too quickly. We won't know until this time next year whether the Redskins coaches have […]

Some mid-season Sunday Morning notes on the Redskins coaching tape

Hello, all.  Long time, no see.  As the Redskins get ready to take their talents to Pittsburgh, here are a number of observations I made off the coaching tape from earlier this season: The Redskins special teams units are abysmal (except the punt team) and it's not just Billy Cundiff's fault Brandon Banks is not […]

Could Chris Cooley be on the move?

Bruce Allen said on ESPN980 this morning that he’s been on the phone with the Raiders trying to hammer out a potential trade. The Raiders under Reggie McKenzie haven’t been strangers to the trade market.  Already, they have dealt G Bruce Campbell to the Panthers for RB Mike Goodson and Louis Murphy also to the […]

Projecting the Redskins Offense (qualitative version)

It’s mid-July, and training camps are between two and three weeks away.  It is time to take a best-look projection at the Washington Redskins 2012 season.  I do this a number of ways.  Today, I will take a pragmatic look at the Redskins offense.  The goal of this piece is not to throw a bottom […]

The Redskins and the 53 man roster

This offseason, I’ve reviewed a number of the Redskins transactions and have offered my opinion on them, concluding that I didn’t really understand where the Redskins chose to invest the majority of their resources.  It’s clear that the Redskins put the vast majority of their resources into their passing game.  They identified their three biggest […]

The Redskins Secondary Issues

I’ve been watching a ton of Redskins games from the last three years recently, utilizing the NFL Game Rewind package to the fullest.  My focal point has been on Jim Haslett’s highly-interesting, moderately effective defense, because there is only so many ways you can note that note that offensive lineman and tight ends don’t sustain […]

The defensive switch concept and the importance of using your best player

The defensive switch concept isn’t new.  Option football has been around for close to 50 years, and thusly, strategies to defend option quarterbacks have been around forever.  The only thing that’s the same in the game of football now as it was fifty years ago is that the team that wins usually did a really […]

Redskins 2012 Draft Review and Analysis

Today, Hog Heaven takes a look at the Washington Redskins 2012 NFL Draft haul, with one eye on grading how they did, and the other on how the talent projects to help the 2012 team win the NFC East for the first time in 13 seasons. Here is a link to the draft page for […]

Washington Redskins 2012 Schedule Analysis

Whatever help the Redskins can give themselves and their roster on draft day to compete in 2012, its clear that the NFL has already done it’s part to make the Redskins’ season more enjoyable in 2012. The Redskins were rewarded for their fourth consecutive fourth place finish in the NFC East with the customary fourth […]

Washington Redskins Seven Round Mock Draft

In which Hog Heaven uses the Pro Football Weekly Draft Value Chart to plan it’s 2012 NFL Draft.  The rules are simple: I can select any player in or reach for any player beyond the value of the stated pick.  In reality, there will be players that fall to you from higher, and I think […]

What’s left in free agency that can help the Redskins?

After a rough first week of free agency, the Redskins have demonstrated professionalism and patience in the second and third weeks of the 2012 league year, opting to forego competitive offers for the most shiny objects on the free agent market.  This process has allowed their current cap figure (estimated at $7.1 million under the […]