Redskins Free Agent Analysis: CB Tracy Porter

The contract:  Porter agreed to a two-year contract with a base contract value of $6 million. The player:  Tracy Porter, who will turn 28 prior to the season, has played on two consecutive one year contracts since leaving New Orleans as a free agent after the 2011 season.  The Redskins will be the first defense […]

Redskins Free Agent Analysis: DT Jason Hatcher

The contract:  Hatcher agreed to a 4 year, $27 million dollar contract with the Redskins.  $10.5 million comes in the form of guaranteed money, which is also the total of the first year payout of the contract.  Another $3 million comes in the form of second year salary, which is extremely likely to be earned […]

On the Redskins, Player Development, and the Free Agency Problem

There is an inverse correlation between spending on free agents and winning in the NFL.  This seems like the time of year where everyone forgets this. It would make sense, given the fact above, that I would advocate the Washington Redskins to sit out the early part of free agency, since the money spent will […]

Revisiting the trade that brought RG3 to Washington

The biggest move of the era of Dan Snyder ownership of the Washington Redskins occured almost two years ago.   Two years is an eternity in the NFL.  In the time since, the Redskins received a $36 million salary cap penalty, lost 6 of their first 9 games, ressurected their franchise with a seven game […]


Redskins Defense is better than you think, but won’t improve much in 2014

The Redskins defense was crucified for it’s performance in 2013.  Crucified.  I’ve seen some bad defenses through the years here.  2003. 2006. 2010.  I can’t remember any defense getting the brunt of the venom from Redskins fans quite like this year’s unit did.  Every player on the unit was under fire at some point for […]

Redskins can fix their offense in one offseason

It would be diffficult, and perhaps impossible, to argue around the fact that the Redskins offense was not where it needed to be in 2013.  The Redskins ranked in the top ten in yards per game, but just 23rd in points per game, and followed up a year where they had the best tunover rate […]

13 Thoughts on Washington Redskins 2014 Opponents

The Washington Redskins will play 13 of the NFL's 31 teams during the 2014 season.  I have thoughts on these games.  Sort of.  We won't know until April what the schedule looks like, unfortuately, but we do know that Washington will be playing against the AFC South (that's good!), and the NFC West (that's bad!) […]

London Fletcher and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2019

London Fletcher is one of the 300 best players to play pro football. His remarkable career spanned 16 seasons, 256 games (with the final 240 of them starts), and another 9 postseason starts — more postseason games than the average 10 year career.  He won a world championship with the 1999 St. Louis Rams. The […]

Redskins pass on Hue Jackson, hire Jay Gruden as Head Coach

The Washington Redskins shook up their coaching staff this morning, but did not completely clean house, when they hired former Cincinnati offensive coordinator Jay Gruden to be the team's head coach. As part of the hiring, the Redskins have made a pair of coaching staff promotions from last year's 3-13 squad.  Tight Ends coach Sean […]

Washington Redskins should Hire Hue Jackson as Head Coach

/logs into Redskins Hog Heaven… Whoa? It's 2014?!   That's so weird.  I fell into a coma in February and totally missed out on getting to watch Robert Griffin III become the second straight player to win the MVP off major knee surgery.  I missed out on the Mike Shanahan contract extension.  The second straight […]

Thoughts and Observations from Mike Shanahan’s return to Denver

Robert Griffin is right. The Washington Redskins aren't a 2-5 team.  That's not what they play like. Problem is, when you play like a team with no aspirations for the playoffs the first three weeks of the season, you don't get to shrug off those performances when negativity and criticism collide at Redskins park.  And […]

Jordan Reed is going to save the Redskins season

The Redskins have struggled through uneven times.  In recent times, this is probably best exemplified by the seven game winning streak — the stretch that fueled optimism for the offseason — that was bookeneded on both sides by three game losing streaks.   It would seem that any attempt at separating the 2013 Redskins from […]

Redskins at the Break: a general, wide-ranging analysis

You probably heard: the Washington Redskins did not get off to the kind of start they had planned. Washington had not begun any season 0-3 in more than a decade, and any start that has anyone making sunny day comparisions to the 2001 Redskins is not an ideal situation. With the start out of the […]

Game 1 Recap: Redskins drop High-Scoring Contest to Eagles

Did you take the over on this one?  Did anyone not? Even those of us who were expecting points weren't prepared for the 25-spot the Eagles put up in the first half on the Redskins at FedEx Field.  As is usually the case with Week 1 games, the loss drops the Redskins to 0-1.  The […]

A barely not-too-late Redskins season preview

The Washington Redskins open their season in less than an hour, and there is hardly any time left to log any thoughts on this team that haven't been made by many others over the past eight months.  This is the very last opportunity I have to violate common sense and make a bunch of predictions […]

Leonard Hankerson is still a key player for the Redskins season

Leonard Hankerson is having an inconsistent training camp. This according to eyewitness reports out of training camp, by John Keim and others.  Keim deemed Hankerson's concentration issues a "turn-the-head-upfield-before-you-catch" issue.  Keim went as far as to say that the Redskins once considered Hankerson a long term no. 2 receiver, but now looks like a no. […]

Dents in the armor of the traditional NFL superpowers

In doing some preliminary work for my 2013 NFL projections, there was a major trend that kept showing up on a division by division basis that will shape the landscape of the NFL season and should have an (positive?) effect on the Redskins, who on their own merits look a lot like last year's team. […]

Where does Mike Shanahan stand heading into year 4?

If on the day Jim Zorn was fired, Bruce Allen had come down from the front office and was able to provide the following guarantees about his first three years on the job: The Redskins would win the NFC East one out of three years The Redskins quarterback would win the offensive rookie of the […]

Identifying Potential Points of Weakness on the 2013 Redskins

In which the author unnecessarily and critically picks at the Redskins roster to find areas that can improve over the next three months leading up to the season. 1) The Redskins aren't well hedged against the career years they enjoyed in 2012 This is perhaps the most serious issue for the Redskins for this upcoming […]

16 Thoughts on the Redskins Draft and the Balance of Power in the NFC

I have 16 thoughts on the NFL draft, all relating in someway to the Redskins situation, but not every thought is about the Redskins.  To be honest, this article would be much harder to write if I focused on what was a mostly expected draft by the Redskins.  So we'll start in Washington, bounce around […]

Redskins 2013 Schedule Reaction

5 primetime games.  Take that, Dallas. Okay, so the Redskins have had somewhat mixed results with primetime games, and to be honest, we can learn a lot more from the schedule than simply how we'll need to plan our weeks to watch the Redskins.  Here are some critical observations as the NFL kicks off the […]