Robert Griffin III busted and alone. What now?

Robert Griffin III is a bust. There, I said it. I do not like saying it. Hog Heaven is an RGFan. We were the first fan blogger to tout him as the next quarterback of your Washington Redskins, way back on December 6, 2011. Google found only two, 2, online images of him when we […]

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Trading places: What if the Colts picked RGIII and the Redskins were stuck with Luck

The first matchup between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III comes nearly three years after the two quarterbacks were taken with the first and second overall picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Both quarterbacks were drafted with the hope that they could revitalize once proud franchises. The Colts were coming off a 2-14 campaign and […]

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Why is RG3 still starting for the Redskins?

Question:  What do Redskins’ fans do to cheer up about football at this point? Answer:  They watch the movie “Brian’s Song.” Seriously, watching RG3 is a tragedy.  How can anyone with a heart not feel for the guy, for the team, for the coaches and most of all for the fans? So given how poorly […]

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Happy Birthday, Daniel Snyder. THIS explains everything.

Today is Daniel Snyder’s 50th birthday. (h/t to Rick Snider for the reminder.) To know the Redskins era of Mr. Snyder’s formative years is to explain a good deal about his idea of building a team. The man is trying to recapture his childhood. Snyder was in his early teens when he fell in love […]

Redskins finally treat Robert Griffin III like one of the average guys

“Rapoport also reported that many special privileges that were afforded to Griffin’s wife and parents, such as access to places at training camp and Redskins Park where other players’ families were not allowed, are no longer available to them.”

~ Rich Tandler from here.


I wondered why we heard so little from RG Jr. this season. Are we near the end game here?

The next six games could determine RGIII’s Redskins future after 2015

Griffin’s contract runs through next season. The Redskins have until next May to declare if they are going to pick up his option year for 2016. That would pay him around $16 million. That’s a decent rate for a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback, which is what Griffin was in 2012. But it’s way too much for a learning, struggling player and they have six games left to gather enough evidence to figure out in which direction Griffin is headed.

~ Rich Tandler from here.


Gruden-Griffin so much fun that Donovan McNabb can’t resist piling on

We hit a new low when Donovan McNabb criticizes a Redskins head coach not named Shanahan. Coach Jay Gruden now says that his critical comments about Robert Griffin’s comments were inappropriate. He should not have thrown RGIII under the bus after Griffin seemingly did the same to his teammates after the loss to the forlorn […]

Protest against the Washington Redskins where bystanders look on in shock

Time to wake up to the campaign to crush Indian pride

Indians of America, you must wake up before it’s too late. Public School Boards across the Nation are trying to remove your pride. This movement is happening in the NCAA as well as pro-sports. They want to make us a forgotten people, for whatever reason they have a large problem in saying our name or […]


Recriminations point to the Redskins franchise leader. Will RG win three?

We had a right to expect better. We have a right to demand more. We were bushwhacked by the magnitude of the suckitude. Robert Griffin III asserted his leadership last week. Talk is cheap. Actions speak. Recriminations have begun. NFL analyst Rodney Harrison on RGIII: I think you have to get rid of him. DC […]

For Redskins, it takes a village to protect a quarterback

“The Redskins have a group that is not great in protection — it’s not just the line — in front of a quarterback who will hold on to the ball longer. It’s a tough mix. Both sides need to help each other.”

~ John Keim, from here.

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Did the anti-Redskins campaign push the Democrats over the edge?

Democrats made the Redskins a front in America’s ongoing culture war and it may have backfired in Redskins country – Virginia and Maryland – and may have misfired in South Dakota. FOX News is the only outlet examining the topic. FOX is the only outlet that challenges Democrats who attack the team name. Razor’s edge […]