Tom Compton, Phillip Thomas among Redskins back-ups who could step up the 2014 Season

Just 31 days have passed since the Redskins played their last game in the NFL regular season, a regular season that was not quite good for the Washington team, that had their hopes set on playing the Super Bowl for this season, but they were not able to. Different Sportsbooks predicted that the Redskins were not favorite to win the Super Bowl this year, and they were not wrong.

Washington was a good team once and used to have players that worked together to complement each other and made of the Redskins one of the best teams of all times in the NFL but they have more than 20 years since they played on a Super Bowl and won it; the Redskins have 99 days now before the NFL draft takes place, and they are working to see which rookie to pick for the next season and which moves would be the correct ones when it comes to players.

The Redskins have three backups this past season that could become starters on this 2014 season.  Chris Baker started on 3 games last year, so he can be an option to start but he will have to fight against Stephen Bowen that is coming from a knee injury.

Phillip Thomas is coming from an injury that took away his rookie year and is ready to compete for a starting role this coming season.

Tom Compton would be a very good choice as a tackle and he is ready to compete against Tyler Polumbus for a starting position this year.

Bruce Allen is looking to add 20 more players to the Redskins rooster; he said on a past interview that they will look into the actual rooster, keep the players they have to and with the money they have left they will fish around in free agency for the best picks.

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