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Talking up Redskins at Texans with Texans

Hog Heaven is speaking up for your Washington Redskins in the lead up to the big game Sunday. We did the closing segment, about 20 minutes, on the Luv Ya Steel Blue podcast on September 2. Hog Heaven is on at the 1:05:00 mark. (I didn’t know I was that soft spoken.)

Go to the link to hear the podcast on Luv Ya Steel Blue, or to download it to iTunes, or to our Android device.

Like Tony Kornheiser, I promise I will do better next time.

Which turns out to be right now. As I write this, Hog Heaven is engaged in a chat with House of Houston on the Fansided Network. HoH is trying to understand the Redskins while we try to figure out the Texans, mysterious three and two-win teams respectively.

The factors that led to that record are just as artificial for the Texans as it was for the Redskins. Sports books set the over/under line for both teams at 7.5 wins. Football Outsiders has a mean projection slightly less than that for each team. The Texans get home field advantage as three-point favorites.

We are posting the chat session “live” as it happens through the afternoon. Check back tonight and tomorrow for updates to the conversation. You may follow it on www.replyall.me and leave your own replies. Feel free to join in.

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