Antwaan Randle El, one of the fastest players in the NFL, claims he return a kickoff against a bear. a bear expert said that bears can run 35 mph, while the fastest human can run 27 mph. However, Randle El claims that he could out-juke the bear. 2008

Humor: Redskins Ryan Grant just has to outrun the bear

Story contributed by Scott Hirsch.

Two guys are in the woods camping.  They hear a roaring bear come towards them.  One of the guys quickly puts on his track shoes.  His friend says ‘what are you doing, you can’t outrun a bear!’

The runner says ‘I don’t need to outrun the bear.  I just need to outrun you!’

When people say “Gruden, Grant is too slow, we don’t care that has good routes and amazing hands.”  The answer is duh, he’s not meant to be the X or Y receiver.  He’s out there as the 4th receiver in 4 WR sets.  He just has to outrun a linebacker!

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