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Get your Redskins Hog Heaven updates right here

Redskins training camp is about to open (HAIL), so now is a good time to remind you how to get Hog Heaven 2014 updates.

First, we are no longer using the app found on our site in 2012. If you have the old Notice Software app on your mobile device, uninstall that bad boy now. It no longer works.

To install the Roost app, visit our site by using the browser on your device. Do not use the defunct Notice Software app. You should get a pop-up asking if you wish to receive updates from Redskins Hog Heaven. The Roost app should install on your device when you accept the invitation.

You may Follow Hog Heaven on Twitter, Like our page on Facebook, or subscribe to our RSS feed from the Hog Heaven home page. See the links in the upper right column of the page. This is best viewed on a PC.

Hog Heaven has not done a game by game season preview yet. We have learned the hard way to watch our boys look in some fake exhibition games first. But we are feeling eight wins or better this season.

How about you?

Anthony Brown

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Lifelong Redskins fan and blogger about football and life since 2004. Joined MVN's Hog Heaven blog in 2005 and then moved Redskins Hog Heaven to Bolguin Network. Believes that the course of a season is pre-ordained by management decisions made during the offseason. Can occasionally be found on the This Given Sunday blog and he does guest posts.