DeSean Jackson tweets that he is joining the Redskins and fans go wild

Jackson tweeted his announcement a few minutes after midnight April 2. Thank gawd it wasn’t on April Fool’s Day. Yes, I am football superstitious.

Whatever your feelings about MeSean — Hog Heaven offers his qualified approval — Jackson’s presence makes the Redskins a division contender once again. Our reservations hover on DJax’s flighty, high-maintenance persona and lingering suspicion that the Eagles know something we still do not. We haven’t seen the contract numbers yet. But the move has it’s upside.

Jackson at age 27 is in his prime. He should be highly motivated to prove the Eagles wrong about whatever they felt about him. He with Pierre Garcon give the Redskins the two-wide receiver threat we haven’s seen around here since Lav Coles and Rod Gardner with potential to match the Art Monk-Gary Clark duo.

The Redskins offense will be better simply because Robert Griffin III will have a complete off-season and preseason. His performance should approach that of 2012 (Slide feet-first, Robert). Defensive coordinators didn’t know what to do about him that year. Last season, they just focused on stopping Alfred Morris. Now Washington presents them with a pick your poison offense that should be fun to watch.

HAIL yes!

Point after

Yesterday, Tom Jackson of Eagles Eye blog, gave us his insight to Chip Kelly’s thinking for releasing Jackson (DeSean Jackson and the Eagles: How did it come to this?). It’s a good read. Go take a look. We’ll be here when you get back.

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