Why the Redskins need to promote Nick Williams to the roster

Nick Williams is on the Redskins practice squad
It's that time of a losing season where we ditch the playoff talk and just focus on becoming fans of the great players and hope to see good individual performances more than the team as a whole (in other words, we're a bit tired of the heartbreaks).

Now that Chris Thompson is on IR for the year, the Redskins should seriously consider putting practice squad player Nick Williams on the roster as the punt returner and slot receiver.
Special teams has been more like Special Ed Teams (I remember hearing about some troubled Special Ed kid who broke a teacher's jaw with his skateboard at Herbert Hoover Jr. High in Potomac, MD a long time ago so I associate Special Ed with that bad apple, sorry if others are offended).  We all know the Josh Morgan experiment was over before it started.  Special Teams are partially responsible for the horrific field position the Redskins have had much of this year.    This in fact is the first year ever that I cheer when the Redskins get the ball at the 20 yard line.  Nick Williams showed a lot of promise as a punt returner and it's time to give him a shot.
The Redskins also need a quick pass option in the passing game when the interior offensive line plays revolving door to big defensive lineman pulverizing RG3.  Nick Williams is a great option for those fast under 2.5 seconds throws.  The Redskins receiver corps needs a boost right now, a little change up.  
I'm not very high on Santana Moss right now.  The Redskins took a big gamble keeping Moss and Fletcher around and they lost.  Moss still blocks great for a little guy, but he's dropping too many balls and the Redskins cannot afford any unreliable receivers with their unreliable offensive line and unreliable defense.

If the Redskins had money, my first choice would have been a new defensive lineman.  But since that is not an option, the Redskins really have to look to their practice squad for cheap pickings.
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