Time to bench RGIII? I think not

It's Thursday, of course, but we won't let that stop us from answering this message from one of those handheld thingies. It's too fresh to wait for next Wednesday when we gather them up to answer at once.



Redskins need more practice tackling and stop playing scared take rg out  
put in couisins

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III
Yes, they do need to get better at blocking and tackling. I don't agree with you that the Redskins are playing scared as much as they are playing sloppy.

I also don't agree with you about Cousins. I've been a Capt. Kirk fan since his days at Michigan State, but Griffin represents the best chance to win.

Injury and defensive adjustments forced the Redskins to use RGIII more conventionally. His skills as a pocket passer are only marginally better than Cousins who came out of a pro set offense in college. Griffin did not. By "skills" I mean progression reads and check downs.

The Redskins are committed to Griffin. He has 18 games more NFL experience that Cousins and he needs go through this to grow as a quarterback. That would be true even if he were not injured.

I get your frustration, but benching Griffin for Cousins would be rolling the clock back to zero.

If RG is healthy, he plays.

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