2014 opponents

The Redskins 2014 season in a nutshell

Nine months out from the 2014 NFL season we can peek at the schedule and figure out which games are winnable and losable.

49ers (Away) Losable, are you kidding?
Seahawks (Home) Losable. Don't think there are that many Seattle fans in this Washington. FedEx Field should be mostly B&G
Cardinals (Away) Winnable, but these are not the same old Cards.
Rams (Home) Losable. Redskins have been losing to the Rams lately. Disappointed to see them on the schedule again. More salt in the wound – that shiny new player they got with our No. 2 Draft pick.
Colts (Away) Losable. The most pro-ready QB in a generation avoided injury and led his team to two straight playoff appearances, in case, you know, someone on the roster is paying attention.
Titans (Home) Winnable. Vince Young is not on the Titans roster.
Texans (Away) Winnable. Hello, Kyle Shanahan. We got your number.
Jaguars (Home) Winnable. I cannot contemplate "losable" to these guys.
Vikings (Away) Losable. We have lost four of the last five to these guys. I'm disappointed to see them and the Rams on the schedule again. We should form our own division.
Falcons (Home) Losable. Why are they on the 4th-place schedule. Oh, yeah. Right.
Giants Losable. The team most likely to sweep us. 2013 was a Giants fluke.
Eagles Split. Talk about your fluke team. 
Cowboys Split. It's the Cowboys



So we are looking at a six-win season. That's a 100 percent improvement over 2013. 


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