The ‘It’ factor and the Redskins

Now is the time of suffering for all football fans.  After a tantalizing draft and reports coming out of mini-camp, we are all in a major NFL drought except for those that follow crime cases.

After reading several reports predicting the Redskins season (most doubtful), I think this is a situation where the fans know better than the football pundits.  The "It" factor.

One of the reasons I love football is that you take a bunch of guys that have been by far the best athletes growing up in their school yards/classes, year after year, and then they make it to the NFL.  Then to be really really successful in the NFL, they have to combine beast talent with relentless and often tedious work day in and day out. 

I don't know about you, but once the math teacher told me I was great at math and I didn't have to do too much homework, I stopped doing the work until I HAD TO.  The cream of the crop of the NFL strives for MORE perfection even though they have been told and treated like they were perfect football players their whole lives.  This, in my opinion, is extremely difficult.

In fact, studies about mastery using chess as an example, show that people often stop working when they get to a level that is no longer embarrassing in front of their peers.  The true master enjoys the process and challenges themselves day in and day out – 10 years is quoted in one study as the time of mastery in a field after doing this day in and day out process.  Good times, bad times, losing times, winning times, all the same constant effort.



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There's more than just working day in and day out though even though one has already achieved massive accolades.  There are life obstacles that can knock even a master out.  This is where outstanding character comes into play.  This is why Hernandez was bound to fall short of NFL greatness.

The leaders of the Washington Redskins are Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris and London Fletcher.  These guys have the "It" factor.  They are going to improve every year.  They are going to ALSO incredibly inspire the rest of team that always needs a little outside inspiration.  They are so darn likeable; they are the good guys of football, and the whole team knows it.  Most of all, the fans know it, and the pundits don't think about it.

They don't take PED's and lie about catching balls (unlike the Seattle PED-hawks or Cheat-Hawks, you tell me which name you like better), and they don't finger eyeballs in a crowded pile and trash talk (unlike the St. Louis Rams and you know who from the Cheat-Hawks),  They don't brag about their abilities, and they try to make everyone around them look great.

Alfred Morris will break 1,000 yards again and perhaps Thomson and/or Helu will rush for over 800 yards and all the haters will say 'it's the system' but we know better.  Best of all, it wont deter Alfred.  RG3, well we all know the story.  And these guys are so young!

That's why I am optimistic about the Washington Redskins this coming year and for the upcoming years.

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