Remembering the first Over The Hill Gang

This is a Washington Redskins site, so readers steeped in Redskins lore have heard something about George Allen's Over The Hill Gang, the veteran players Allen imported in 1971 to win now in Washington. Most blog readers are aged 35 and under, so most won't recall from where Allen and the local press borrowed the term.

It came from this 1970 well-received, made for TV special starring over-the-hill Hollywood character actors portraying over-the-hill Texas Rangers. Allen's 1971-'77 Redskins are better remembered than that special. The show had a 1970ish, Bonanza-style comedy feel that will bore a current audience, to be frank.

Sam Peckinpah gave this theme a different, and far more deadly, treatment in The Wild Bunch released the year before. But, if you are of a certain age, and have an hour-14 minutes to spare, you might enjoy this You Tube video from the olden days.

What ever happened to Myron Pottios?

Real life has intruded again, so I haven't gotten to my rant about the anti-Redskins crowd. But, it's coming, I promise.

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