More fans need to stand up for the Redskins team name

Hog Heaven has referred to Daniel Snyder as "Mr. Snyder" since that great day when Mike Shanahan pulled off the deal with the Rams that landed us Robert Griffin III.  I am positively warming up to the man since he took his stand on the team name.


The chutzpah that so infuriated fans in the early 'Aughts is a delight now as long as he stands his ground on this matter.

My social media friend Mike Richman, author of The Redskins Encyclopedia posted on Facebook that he is appearing on FOX & Friends (FOX) at 6:45 AM, Sunday, October 6 (tomorrow as I write this), to discuss the topic. Mike promises that he won't be shy in defense of the Redskins team name.

A sidebar in The Redskins Encyclopedia tells the story how the Redskins created its current logo. I don't think Mike would mind if I quote those two paragraphs.

"An Enduring Logo"

The Washington Redskins
"In the early 1970s, Walter "Blackie" Wetzel, president of the National Congress of American Indians and chairman of the Blackfoot tribe, urged the Redskins to replace the 'R' logo on their helmets with the head of an Indian chief. From photos he presented to the Redskins of Indian chiefs in full headdress, a composite was developed that gave birth to a new logo on the Redskins helmet in the 1972 season. It exists to this day.

"I said 'I'd like to see an Indian on your helmets' Wetzel said in the Washington Post on January 26, 2002. "It made us all so proud to have an Indian on a big-time team. . . . It's only a small group of radicals who oppose those names. Indians are proud of Indians."

And here all along, I thought that logo was money.

Mike and I were interviewed by CBS News for a segment that never aired in the East, though I've been assured it was broadcast somewhere in the US. CBS scheduled it for the Sunday Evening News and it kept being preempted by sports events that squeezed the News right out of the time slot and went directly to 60 Minutes.

I still don't know how I or the Redskins were portrayed in that segment.

Regular readers of Hog Heaven know I am a staunch defender of the Redskins name and football tradition. I'm the Redskins in any discussion of the term. I am not trying to be, or pretending to be a Native American. I am certainly not mocking them. In fact, I really don't even think about them when I speak of the team. Some may call even that demeaning. That's on them, not me.

Redskins were fighters. That's why the name fits. 

Hog Heaven is just a small hobby blog. Its like we are a squirt gun fighting the fire hose of nags who are trying to guilt the Redskins into a name change. If you care, you cannot leave it to the Redskins to fight this alone. You too must speak up.

If you would like to speak up, but don't know what to say, click here.

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