Mike Wise’s Redskins survey question … very funny

Washington Post columnist Mike Wise is not my favorite sportswriters these days. Like most opinion-shapers, his columns are too long to enjoy (says the blogger who writes 1,000-word essays for a medium where 500 words are too many).

Wise champions changing the name of my favorite football team on the claim that the spurious word is a slur. Yes, Redskins fans, the claim that redskin is a slur is dubious and deserves challenge.

Wise only gets Hog Heaven’s passing glance these days. A glance turned up Wise’s column in today’s print edition of The Post, Survey says . . . we’re great. One question in Wise’s mock survey is genuinely funny.

Which of the following team slogans makes you the most excited about the 2013 season?

  • RJesus
  • Robert Gandhi III
  • Touchdown Threesus
  • RGIII Passion, RGIII Pride
  • No Rehab, No Diamonds  
  • We Will Call Ourselves What We Damned Well Please

Correct answer: All of the above.

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Anthony Brown

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