Let the roster cuts begin. Redskins release Donte Stallworth

Redskins release Donte Stallworth

NFL teams must cut their rosters from 90 to 75 players by the end of the day today. The Redskins did a hatchet job on 10 players, half were camp bodies not expected to make the team.

But they also took action on some familiar names.

The Redskins terminated Donte Stallworth's contract. Stallworth joined the team last June when the Redskins also brought in free agent Devery Henderson. The 'Skins released Henderson two weeks ago.

Fans sniped about Washington's signing older, itinerate veterans with a healthy Santana Moss already here, but these signings were not like the bad old Snyderrato days. In those days, the Redskins philosophy was to value "known talent" over home grown players.

Even the Gibbs II era operated that way. Gibbs signed LB Mike Barrow, who never played a single down for Washington, and let Antonio Pierce drive away … all the way up I-95 to become a hero on a Super Bowl team.

Pierce isn't bitter about that, but I am.

Shanahan never intended that Stallworth and Henderson stay. The veterans were worth a look because of questions at the position. Receiving is a strength for the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles (until Jeremy Maclin's injury), but not for the Redskins. Yet, Stallworth and Henderson's chance to make it here was no better than WR Chip Reeves who was also released yesterday.

The Redskins best shot to improve at wide receiver is for Aldrick Robinson and Leonard Hankerson to step up their game. There are encouraging signs of that this preseason, especially Robinson.

If anything should happen to Moss (Heaven forbid), the Shanahans have a close up look at what Stallworth and Henderson might bring to the table now.

The Redskins placed LB Keenan Robinson and S Phillip Thomas in injured reserve. They remain with the team but  cannot return to the roster this season.    

The Redskins waived with injury designation CB/ST Richard Crawford and LB Jeremy Kimbrough. If they clear waivers, Washington will bring them back on the injured reserve list.

Linebacker depth is an issue. The fact that the 'Skins added Robinson directly to the IR list and are holding their breath on Kimbrough is a hint, but only a hint, at how they value these players. It's also an assessment of which of these players is more likely to go unclaimed by other teams.

Kettani gets the fullback treatment

The Redskins released fullback and Navy reserve officer Eric Kettani. Maybe that will satisfy the petty (pun intended) people who criticized Kettani for trying out for the team instead of guarding the country. He is in the Navy RESERVE, you silly people. His active duty obligation has been satisfied.

Making the team as a fullback is a tough assignment anyway. Pro football evolved to have more receivers, including receiving tight ends, on the field. If a team needs extra backfield blocking, they either have the halfback do it, or they shift a tight end to H-back.

Fullback is not an every down position. Fathers, tell your sons to be linebackers. Both the pay and the odds of making a roster are better.   

My blogging friend Rich Tandler penned a story on the ripple effect of Richard Crawford's injury on the roster. That impact is more on the offense than on defense. The Redskins might have put rookie RB Chris Thompson on the practice squad. The Redskins have a hole at returner where Crawford was destined to be and Thompson has some talent there.

But how many running backs will the 'Skins carry on the active roster? They were likely to carry three backs on offense but six DB's with Crawford drawing double-duty as KO and punt returner.

Should Washington make room for four running backs with Thompson as the back-returner? Should they keep three and squeeze Evan Royster off the roster? Or, maybe keep Royster, send Thompson to the practice squad and tap a receiver for return duties? It's the joy and drama of preseason.

See Tandler's story on Real Redskins for the thought process. We'll be here when you get back.

Tuesday UPDATES:

The Redskins –

  • waived LB Roddrick Muckelroy and CB Ryan Mouton with injured designation. They can be added to the IR list if they clear waivers,
  • released T Jacolby Ashworth with an injury settlement,
  • terminated their contract withT Jeremy Trueblood, and
  • Moved DE Adam Carriker from the active PUP list to the reserve PUP list.

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