Chris Cooley looks at Giants-Redskins, then kicks butts & names names

Former Redskins tight end, chris Cooley

Former Redskins star tight end Chris Cooley joined ESPN 980 "Redskins Radio" this fall during the afternoon drive time. Capt. Chaos translates well as a radio personality. Redskins fans hold him in high regard, so when he speaks, people listen.

Cooley introduced a new segment today where he grades Washington's performance in recent games after watching the All-22 video. Then, he grades player performance with pass-fail on individual plays and concluding with an overall letter grade. He does this in a matter-of-fact way without rancor.

Hog Heaven tuned in to the show just as this segment began. We didn't take complete notes. Through the magic of the Twitterverse, we captured some of his comments as tweets and repost them here.  

NOTE: The full comment should have been "Chris Baker is a 'guesser'…" When guessing right, Baker is impactful. But when guessing wrong, he takes himself out of the play. 

Cooley opened this bit with an assessment of Griffin III's performance. He said RG had his best passing day – as a passer, meaning that he was reading to his second receiver before moving off the reads to do something else. Cooley didn't think RG felt confident enough with blocking to step into the pocket instead of away from it.

Most striking, Capt. Chaos said the Giants focused on stopping Alfred Morris and allowed Griffin to run. When he did, they were happy to lay a legal hit in him. Griffin appears to shy away from taking all the yards that may be available to him, as he did last year, out of concerns for his knee.

Cooley had no problem with that. Griffin will be faster next season with his knee fully healed and without the knee brace. 

Cooley also drew a contrast between the way the Redskins run read option and Philadelphia and Seattle's approach. Those teams use it as a change of pace, while it's a major part of Washington's scheme. 

Cooley thinks the Redskins should stop using it until Griffin is completely healed and willing to run it.

A phone call took me away from the segment just as Cooley was grading the secondary. I predict great popularity for this segment, and great controversy. The first fan call was a listener who challenged Cooley's credibility to make these assessments. I shake my head on that one.

Redskins Radio is a Daniel Snyder-owned company. It's unlikely Cooley gets instructions to shut it down, but one never knows.

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