Washington Redskins Seven Round Mock Draft

In which Hog Heaven uses the Pro Football Weekly Draft Value Chart to plan it’s 2012 NFL Draft.  The rules are simple: I can select any player in or reach for any player beyond the value of the stated pick.  In reality, there will be players that fall to you from higher, and I think the best drafting teams will target the players who have fallen (organically, at least).  But in this exercise, those players are unavailable.

Round 1(a) – Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

I think I’m more or less driving the “don’t just pass on Trent Richardson w/o a strong look” bus, but I’ll give the Shanahan’s the benefit of the doubt and assume that they took that look, weren’t crazy about it, and then traded to get up to second overall.

Round 3(a) - Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

The center of the Redskins’ affection at the cornerback position has centered around Casey Hayward and Dwight “Bill” Bently, both of whom would be in play for the Redskins at this point, but the Redskins absolutely cannot afford to pass up Boykin, who would be for the Redskins what Javier Arenas is for the Chiefs, though they would get him a round later.

Round 4(a) – Keyshawn Martin, WR, Michigan State or Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas

I realize the absurdity of the Redskins viewing the WR position as a need right now, but Kyle Shanahan’s desire to go with 3 WRs on a majority of snaps is undeniable and the fact of the matter is that the only two “starting caliber” WRs who are under contract through the last year of Mike Shanahan’s contract in 2014 are Pierre Garcon and Leonard Hankerson.  Which means that on some level, WR is still a need (just not a short term one).  To not expect the Redskins to consider using their third or fourth round pick on a WR ignores the reality that the Redskins attempted to sign Eddie Royal.

Both Martin and Adams are second round type propsects that PFW expects to be on the board on day three.  If neither is available when the Redskins pick in the fourth round, I’d call it a day regarding the WR corps.

Round 4(b) – Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn

Mosley would be a 50/50 bet to be the Redskins RT of the future, which is a pretty good gamble at this point in the draft.  There’s a significant opportunity cost to making this pick, however, as plenty of top talent is being left on the board at this point.

Round 5(a) – DeQuan Menzie, S, Alabama

What a steal this would be if the Redskins could get Menzie here.  There’s a ton of value at the quarterback position to be had in round five, and a lot of it will be off the board by the next time the Redskins pick, but Menzie is exactly the kind of physical cover safety that you could pass on strong QB depth for.  I have a second round grade on him.

Round 6(a) – Chandler Harnish, QB, Northern Illinois

Stylistically, Harnish plays the position a lot like Robert Griffin.  He’s actually a little bit more of an open field runner than Griffin ever was, and will put moves on defensive backs in the open field.  Was a record-setting MAC passer and a four year starter.  Every good team needs to plan on having QB depth.  It’s particularly important if you put a lot on the plate of your starter.

Round 7(a) – Brett Roy, DL, Nevada

One of my favorite players in the draft, Roy would be a Joker in our defensive packages, with the ability to line up anywhere in the front seven.  His best NFL comparable?  Lorenzo Alexander, who happens to be in the last year of his contract in 2012. 

**** **** **** ****

There are better possible returns for the Redskins than what I’ve outlined here, but it would require more talented players to fall further than PFW is expecting.  And if that doesn’t happen, I still think I’ve picked a pretty nice draft class here.