Thoughts from Redskins – Bears from someone who missed the game

Aldrick Robinson

Aldrick Robinson, No. 11, runs for a touchdown in Redskins @ Bears preseason game won by Chicago, 33-31. johathan Daniel/Getty Images via

A best practice of Internet security is to announce when you have returned home, not when you are leaving. So, I’m announcing my return from a day trip to New York. Sadly, that meant that I missed the preseason game between the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears. I will catch the replay on the NFL Network at 4:00 PM ET today, Sunday afternoon.

Here are a couple of take away points from what little I have heard.

Robert Griffin III’s second fumble in two games is something you notice. I’m not making a thing out of it unless we see three fumbles in three games. Griffin 3rd will have a successful rookie season by Redskins standards if he does better than Rex Grossman did in turnovers. Grossman was plagued by both interceptions and fumbles lost. RG3 had a remarkably low turnover rate at Baylor, so this is not something I expect to continue.

The Chicago defense did a number on Washington’s offensive line. Good. The Redskins face NFC East and AFC North defenses this season. Griffin needed the experience against a high pressure group. They are not likely to see it against the Colts next Saturday. The Colts @ Redskins game threatens to be a shootout. Bring it on.

If Mike Shanahan wants a fair evaluation of depth chart receivers, he should have Kirk Cousins throw the ball. Pro coaches like veterans for QB back-ups, so I expect that Grossman will make the team. Thus, watching how Brandon Banks worked with Grossman last week was a challenge he might face in the regular season. I do not think Grossman is that good of a passer. Cousins might possibly perhaps may give a receiver a better chance to show off his talents.

I have given up hope of seeing Jammal Brown as a starter. Shanahan cannot make that call now, nor should he. The rest of us should expect to see tackles not named Brown on the front line all season long. Might as well get used to it. recapChicago 33, Washington 31

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