The state of the Redskins according to the Twitterverse

Before the Chuck Knoll era, Pittsburgh was one of the few teams Washington could count on beating. The Redskins still hold a 42-32-3 overall lead on the Steelers, but Pittsburgh has dominated in the Super Bowl era. A generation of Redskins blog readers have never seen a live win over the Steelers. 

Washington patterns its defense after Dick LeBeau's D. Pittsburgh knows that defense well, so it's no real surprise that they made Washington's unit look … stupid. Few defensive coordinators measure up to LeBeau, especially if they do not have the personnel to match LeBeau's unit. 

That cuts no ice with the Redskins Twitterati who are calling for Jim Haslett's head.

Rick Snider called the Steelers a mediocre team. Um, no. The Steelers might win its division. They just aren't as dominating as their last Super Bowl team. But the Redskins were in a blue funk all game. Perhaps the "blue" was fallout from the Giants' loss the team was unable to shake.

Mike Shanahan backed both Hasslett and Danny Smith by extending their contracts for a year for an undisclosed amount of money. It likely was not keeping money – so prohibitively high that the team cannot afford to fire them. Those deals were for public consumption.

There is no gain in dismissing coaches mid-season. It's not working in Philadelphia. It did not work with Norv Turner. The secondary's performance does not inspire confidence in Raheem Morris as a replacement, nor did his inability to turn the Buccaneers around during their slump last year.

Firing coaches is what you do at the end of the season. What you do right now is get them focused on making changes for improvement. I never expected to miss Brandon Meriweather before the man even played a game.

DeAngelo Hall unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was twice as bad as his penalty in last year's Cowboys game one. This time he was penalized twice in the same incident. Face palm and shake my head. 

D.Hall is calling the commissioner before the commissioner calls him.

Meanwhile, a Redskins hero of the '70s expressed disappointment.'s Dan Graziano has another explanation for the Redskins loss. 

The Redskins' play let a lot of people down, mostly themselves. It may not have been as bad as it looked however.

With the loss to the Steelers and that witch Sandy smacking the area, it's going to be a long week in Washington.

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