Robert Griffin III will run, but may not throw at the NFL Combine

Well, shoot. There goes my Sunday. Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III is leaning against doing the passing drills at the NFL Combine. Quarterbacks will work out this Sunday.

RG3 dropped this bombshell on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday. Per Pro Football Talk:

“Griffin said he doesn’t think throwing to a bunch of receivers he’s never met before is conducive to putting on the best passing performance he can, and so he’d rather hold off until Baylor’s Pro Day to throw to Baylor receivers in a more comfortable environment.”

Whatever, I’m sure he’s getting the best advice from his agent, but scouts have said in the past that they pay more attention to a prospect’s footwork and throwing motion than to completions. They want to confirm in the drills what they’ve already seen on game tape. (Yes, I know it’s video these days.)

There is a legion of fans who just want to see him in any kind of football action.

Griffin expects to do the sprinting drill at under 4.5 seconds. That would be no surprise. He’s a darn good hurdler with the build of a track star.

Baylor moved its NFL Pro Day to March 21 to avoid a conflict with Stanford’s Pro Day. They were originally scheduled the same day, which would have been a problem for scouts who wanted to see both Griffin and Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

h/t to Nate Dunlevy at who pointed me to this story.

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