Reverend Redskins: RG3 shall set you free

Preach, brother!

Quarterbacks get all the glory, don’t they. Although I am still giddy as a school girl at the coming of Robert Griffin III (It’s like the second coming of Sammy Baugh), there were 10 other Washington Redskins players on the field for that scoring drive against the Buffalo Bills.  

Rvan Royster’s three previous successful runs moved the ball from the Buffalo 39 to the 20 yard line and set up the third and short situation for the scoring strike on the next play.

Pierre Garcon caught Griffin’s bubble screen pass behind the scrimmage line. It was Garcon who closed the 20-yard gap to the goal line with excellent second level blocking by LT Trent Williams and LG Maurice Hurt. 

Hurt lived up to his name. It appears from the video that it was he who injured Williams foot when he inadvertently rolled over it.

I love foot ball for the choreography of the action, and love pro football for the precision and management strategy that bring it all about. It takes 10 men for one man to score. All those men are not named Griffin.

Rev. Redskins is right about one thing. We believe in RG3. We believe that the choreography will be better and the precision will be more, um, precise just because he is the quarterback.

There’s not a Redskins fan out there who thinks the team gave up too much to get him.


Garcon makes his case

We’ve advise skepticism about Pierre Garcon because of his drops while with the Colts. Four pass attempts to him is not enough to clear the concern, but Garcon displayed elusiveness after he caught the ball. We saw that sort of thing from Santana Moss in 2005. We see what Mike Shanahan saw when he signed Garcon to be the Redskins No. 1 receiver.

So far, so good.

Don’t forget the defense

RG3-mania overshadowed the Redskins defense that had its own good showing against the Bills. Brian Tinsman’s story on is an excellent reminder. (See Coaches Excited About D-line Rotation)

“This is as deep as a defensive line I’ve had in a long time,” head coach Mike Shanahan said after the Bills game.  “It’s going to be a lot of guys fighting for a position.”

Injuries along the D-line forces the starters to take too many snaps, writes Tinsman. Depth sets the unit up to be dominant in 2012. 

“I love the depth we have right now.” ~ Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett.

Music to my ears.


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