Redskins leaders gear up for RG3’s Pro Day at Hooters

Mike Shanahan, Daniel Snyder at HootersI saw the tweet on my timeline this morning and thought Deadspin was up to its old tricks.

“Before watching RGIII throw, San Snyder and Mike Shanahan visit Hooters,” shouted the headline. 

Pursue the story and one finds photographic evidence that the Washington Redskins brain trust (hush yo’ mouth) went to the local Hooters the night before Robert Griffin III’s Pro Day at Baylor University.

We are more sober here at Redskins Hog Heaven (Yes, it’s boring. Thank you for brining that up.), so we are more interested in what GM Bruce Allen and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan told Redskins fans who happened to be in the restaurant last night. First, Bruce Allen,

“I asked [Allen] about the salary cap fiasco and he told me in no uncertain terms they are going to fight it and so are the Cowboys. He talked about how excited they are about RG3 and how Griffin is glad it wasn’t Cleveland that moved up to number 2.”

Next, Kyle Shanahan,

“I go to the bathroom and low and behold, Kyle Shanahan walks in as I’m finishing my business. (I swear I did not follow anyone into the bathroom to talk). He also comments on my hat. I welcome him to Texas and tell him I am a UT fan and remember when he played WR for Texas. I told him how excited the fans are at the possibility of RG3 and he replied ‘not nearly as much as I am’ as we parted ways.”

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