Redskins hedge their bet by meeting with Andrew Luck today

Andrew LuckThere is nothing like working your contingency plans. Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck will visit the Washington Redskins today, according to a tweet by Adam Schefter this morning.

Luck is the consensus best quarterback to emerge from college in a generation. He is all but certain to be selected by the Indianapolis Colts in this month’s NFL Draft. But, what if the Colts select Baylor’s Robert Griffin III instead? The Washington Redskins and Luck would like to be better acquainted.

Washington fans have their mind made up. We want RGIII. Luck would be quite the consolation prize.

Something struck me while watching the Pro Day workouts for Griffin and Luck. Baylor had better receivers than Stanford. Sure, they were in shorts with no bounty hunting defenders in sight and all that. But, Kendall Wright and company looked faster and showed better hands than the guys from Palo Alto.

It could be that Luck is better than he showed in college while Griffin got help from a receiving corps that had a blowout year of their own.

Don’t call me a hater (That’s not actually a word unless you make hats.) The tape shows both Luck and Griffin to be skilled at the position and the tape does not lie. Just pointing out again that quarterbacks attempt passes and receivers complete them. Luck and Griffin need a good supporting cast to have rookie success — an issue for both the Colts and the Redskins.

If Luck does not join the Redskins, he will face them in preseason game three when the Colts visit the Redskins in August.

Point after

The Redskins will draft either RG3 or Andrew Luck. Don’t tell me they gave up too much in that trade with St. Louis. 

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