Grab Brandon Lloyd for your fantasy team

Brandon Lloyd

Now wait, wait. Hear me out.

Yes, BLloyd was an epic fail while in Washington, a poster boy of Redskins’ trades gone wild. But he has two things going for him now that he’s with the New England Patriots.

First, he’s reunited with Josh McDaniels, the only coach to get the best from him as a professional. Lloyd was the astonishing replacement for Brandon Marshall in Denver’s 2010 offense.

Next, he has Tom Brady throwing balls to him.

There’s something in Lloyd’s psyche where he must feel that he’s really wanted in order to perform. McDaniels made him feel wanted as the prime receiver in Denver. To his credit, Lloyd responded. McDaniels is now the Pats’ offensive coordinator. Somehow, he knows how to get the best out of Lloyd.

Lloyd’s only competition to take the field is Chad Ochocinco-Johnson. Enough said.

I retired from fantasy football. If I were still at it, I would hold my nose as a Redskins fan and put Lloyd near the top of my draft board.

Anthony Brown

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