5 reasons why the Redskins will win 10 games

Five reasons why the Redskins will win 10 games
London Fletcher 

1 – It ain’t about the rookie, it’s the carryover guys

  • Shanahan’s guys of the past two seasons will carry the day.
  • Thank you Vinny Cerrato for London Fletcher, Brian Orakpo and Fred Davis. (We haven’t forgiven you for Albert Haynesworth, tho’.)

2 – The feared Redskins pass attack

  • London Fletcher is back
  • Rocky McIntosh is gone
  • Jarvis Jenkins is healthy
  • Ryan Kerrigan grows
  • Brian Orakpo is hungry
  • The front seven is the strongest unit on the team and only unit competitive with the Beast

3 – RBBC is a rookie’s best friend

  • Makes no difference who starts, Tim Hightower, Roy Helu and Evan Royster will combine for 2,000 rushing yards…
  • if Kyle Shanahan remembers that running backs are a quarterback’s best friend
  • RBBC = Running Back By Committee. Fantasy football owners hate Shanahan for doing this, but it works for Washington because we can’t roll Hightower’s blocking, Helu’s burst and Royster’s consistency into one player.
  • PLEASE, don’t use the three-headed monster piece-by-piece in games.

4 – It’s Shanahan’s third year and the Redskins don’t suck.

  • Joe Gibbs is the only other coach in the Snyder era to get a third season
  • Third season is the soonest you can tell what direction the team is going
  • Heck, even Jim Zorn would have done better in a third season. Yeah, I know. That’s not saying much.
  • Wise guys that predict a 2 to 4 win season for the Redskins are just plain WRONG. The ‘Skins did not get worse in the offseason.

5 – RG3 has just one job. Be better than RG3&Out and that other guy.

  • It’s a low standard of performance; therefore it is achievable
  • Before you freak out, see Reason #1

Five reasons why they won’t

1 – NO Beast team will win 10 games this season

  • Don’t blame me. Blame the AFC North
  • Steelers and tigers and crows, oh my!
  • The Redskins are 2-8 against the AFC North since 2000

2 – RG3 is just a rookie

  • Matthew Stafford – 2 rookie wins (2009)
  • Peyton Manning – 3 rookie wins (1998)
  • Cam Newton – 6 rookie wins (2011)
  • Andy Dalton – 9 rookie wins (2011)
  • Gimme a break, people! Get a grip.

3. Pierre Garçon is a wash to Jabar Gaffney

  • Garçon, 2011: 52.9% catch rate, 6 TDs, 947 yards
  • Gaffney, 2011: 59% catch rate, 5 TDs, 947 yards
  • Coach Shanahan thinks younger, faster receivers will work. That’s to be proven, not assumed.

4. Secondary questions

  • Brandon Meriweather and Tanard Jackson?
  • Chase Minnifield waived
  • DeAngelo Hall is both blessing and curse
  • Lot of shootouts at the FedEx Corral

5. I just don’t know about Graham Gano. Do you?

  • Does competition from an aging, cast-off kicker make things better?
  • I don’t know about Neil Rackers, either. Do you?

This story is a do-over on an experiment gone wrong. The original story appeared earlier this week as a pictorial. It looked great, well, it looked OK, on the PC. It looked acceptable on Photobucket. But, when linked on a blog page…sheesh. (Palm to face) Back to the drawing board.

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