The Problem With Trading Down in the NFL Draft: Everybody Wants To Do It.

Of all the Draft Day moves that titillate NFL fans, nothing excites them more than trading out of your draft position for more picks. It seems to excite teams, too, judging by all the rumors teams looking to trade down.

Twitter (which has emerged as a major channel for up to the second news) carries reports from credible sources of teams looking to trade down.

Jason La Canfora

Communicating with GMs, hearing many teams in top 10 at least exploring trading down. Heard DEN, CIN, CLE, SF, AZ, DAL and WSH all mentioned

Michael Lombardi

Love being here in Radio City, getting ready for the draft, and hear the Bengals are looking to trade down from number 4 pick Andy Dalton.



Report: Patriots talk to Browns about No. 6 picks

Matt Bowen

Bears exploring trading down from No. 29 | National Football Post

Lance Zierlein

by john_keim

SF looking to trade back and Washington could be the trade partner. Gabbert to Washington with SF potentially landing QB or Julio Jones

More teams want to trade down every year than to trade up. THIS year, with all the extra-legal wrangling, teams may have a concern that rookies will demand wealth beyond their talent to join the league because, you know, the league shut down free agent movement and teams cannot sign veterans. Trading down is a back door way to control costs.

Owners are so poor at controlling cost. 

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