Getting Cut By Your Team Could Lead to the Super Bowl

Some of the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive linemen flew to Dallas for the Super Bowl wearing Michigan State Spartans football jerseys bearing Flozell Adams’ college number (76). Here’s a six minute video from YouTube that was also shown on the official Steelers web site. The segment on the MSU jerseys appears at 4:32 in the video. And yes, I am a MSU grad.


Flozell Adams has only been with the team one year. The young Steelers players paid tribute to his leadership as he return to his hometown Dallas for the Super Bowl. 

What a turn for Adams. He gets to the Super Bowl at Jerryworld before Jerry Jones who thought him too old, slow and weak to help the Cowboys win. Dallas finished 6-10 last season, no closer to the Super Bowl than Washington. That can’t all be due to cutting Adams, but Flozell the Hotel, as they called him in East Lansing, brought something to Pittsburgh that was missing in Dallas.

I don’t think Flozell misses the Cowboys any more than Antwaan Randle-El, Ryan Clark or Shaun Suisham miss the Redskins. Getting cut by your team is an invitation to improve your situation. That has to be a comfort to players like Donovan McNabb, Albert Haynesworth and Carlos Rogers.

McNabb could get an up-close glimpse of that. He is an ESPN analyst for Super Bowl Week.

The only way to close this post is to show the pizza commercial that opened the season for the Redskins-Cowboys game. This time, I’m laughing with Dan at Jerry. 


Point after: The Steelers in Spartans jerseys is the most tweeted item about Michigan State today, even more than the Snowstorm of Doom that’s hitting the upper midwest over the next 24 hours. 

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