Edgar Jones Brings Ravens Mentality To The Redskins

If he makes the team, that is.

Edgar Jones was a free agent signing by the Washington Redskins last January after being waived by the Baltimore Ravens in October 2010. He appeared as defensive back or tight end for the Ravens in 32 games over the 2007 through 2010 seasons and is credited with 15 tackles, four assists. 1.5 sacks and one pass reception. Jones had one tackle and one assist in 2010.

NFL.com lists him as a tight end for the Redskins. Redskins.com does not show him on the roster at all. 

it’s a sign of the times that the lockout forces bloggers to pay attention to provocative statements by unknown players like Jones who was quoted in his hometown newspaper, The Monroe News-Star, saying that the Redskins could use Ravens mentality and that he was the man to bring it.

Ah! The confidence of youth. I love it.

It would be (too) easy to dismiss Jones’ statement and be dismissive of Jones himself. But consider this. We have no clue about how the Redskins will look this season. The lockout prevents Mike Shanahan from rounding out the roster with free agents. The Redskins brain trust shows signs of an intend to remake the team.

The Gibbs gang is practically gone. If John Beck is conceivably the next Redskins starter (those exact words never emerged from Shanahan’s mouth), then Edgar Jones is conceivably the next great pass rushing defensive end.

It’s the front office, stupid

Jones got one thing right in the News-Star story. Responsibility for solving the Redskins bigger problems rests with the front office. I still think Mike Shanahan is the best coaching hire of the Dan Snyder era. Only, these days I add the phrase “on paper.”

What a dreaded term, “on paper.” It implies that something or someone didn’t work out as it should have. On paper, Mike Shanahan should make better decisions than Vinny Cerrato. Shanahan’s every critical decision point in 2010 morphed into a what-would-Vinny-do moment. In that sense, everything that happened to the Redskins last season was completely predictable.

No matter how the season turns out this year, I’m for Shanahan remaining here through 2012 at least. It takes three year to effect a genuine, sustainable turnaround. The Redskins have seen all the shortcuts. Shortcuts don’t work.

Except for Joe Gibbs, no coach has remained with Snyder for more than two seasons. That’s a progress-killer. And yes, the Redskins could use the Ravens mentality…in the front office. Few men have been better than Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome at building a perennial contender.

Copy him. Hire him. Kidnap him. Do something to change the front office mentality to what-would-Ozzie-do.

Ozzie, of course, released Edgar Jones last year.

Beck, the impressive

I’m not ready to say that John Beck can be a NFL starter. That notion is entirely speculative based on Mike Shanahan’s one public comment about the guy. Yet, Beck impressed me with his leadership organizing the player’s unofficial OTAs during the lockout. He exudes confidence while gaining player’s respect.

They will play for him. That’s something to hang onto until the whistle blows and balls start flying.

Anthony Brown

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